You're living in a fake numbers world

by Brian
(Southern CAL)

I don't know where your getting your info but 1st of all some would argue that basketball is just as important as football. In fact I know some people who don't like football but they love basketball.

I think both sport have a lot of fans and are well liked. If you just take basketball baseball and football. UCLA had the most championships back to back to back to back and it goes on with them until the reach 15.

Stanford has like 12 straight volleyball championships. Sec is not the best in basketball. Duke and NC I think that is the ACC is the best in basketball.

Notice I didnt say pac 10. But all time pac ten for basketball is in the top 2or3 all time and I saw the numbers they are ahead of the sec even though you have 2 more teams then the pac 10.

Most people I know say in football and I know you know this quote. A great defense any day can beat a great offence or a you need a good defense to win championships. USC last year had a loss and Flordia had a loss the voting penlies pac 10 because some teams are not as strong in football but Usc Defense was in the top 3 best college defenses of all time and Flordia had a good offense but if they would of played that denense would of smoothered flordia.

WE will never know they need a playoff. Also if we take the 12 or so sports your taking sec plays and put them sec vs pac 10 since these sports were played with both schools. The day they started now.

Swimming,baseball,basketball,football,volleyball and what ever other you say to equal 12. Pac 10 is by far the best conference statistic wise. YOUr add the last 10 years with some bull multiplyer. Pac 10 dont need a multiplyer. WE beat you eaither way.

I give SEc credit last 10 years or so but as you can see when we play you by your numbers in last 10 years we hold the record which means one thing Pac 10 aint weak like the voters who vote you ever year to the championship for football and yes we have some week teams but UCla last year wipped tenn. Tenn is week. UClA aint that good but better then Tenn in the SEC so I glad your proud of the SEC and your right you do have great fans but dont fudge the numbers to make it look like sec wins every argument.

The truth is there needs to be a playoff. I cant ever remember flordia playing USC why USC is just as good as Flordia. IF they were in the SEC they could hang but here we go again talking what if. NO more of that.

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