you need to get your football history facts straight

by j1

the sec is the best right now look at your history michigan has 11 national titles the golden gofers have 6 the buckeyes have 7 . check your facts you count every thing not just from 1936 if this was baseball would you not count yankees world series or red sox or pirates. oh yeah you have the big east with 3 thats wrong again pitt alone has 9 national titles. the most national titles hands down are all with in 600 miles of each othere notre dame 16 michigan 11 pitt 9 ohio state 7 and that not including michigan state or purdue. the sec and the south is good but as far as football goes the big ten north every thing gets counted.

Editor's Note -- As discussed at numerous places on this site, we use 1936 on for National Champion stats as that was the first year of the AP poll; the first year there was a consensus National Champ. It actually does not favor the SEC to start in 36' as some polls had SEC teams winning the NC in '34 and '35. The first AP SEC NC was Tennessee in '51. So, as you can see, we have a good reason to start in '36 and that reason has nothing to do with favoring the SEC.

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Dec 10, 2007
Big 10! Look at the last five years!
by: Anonymous

If you want recent history that is fine with me! The Big 10 is at 8 wins and 6 losses to the SEC in Bowl games. Even with most of the games near the SEC school that was playing in the bowl game the Big 10 still shines. IN fact 4 of the Big 10 wins (50%) were by 10 points or more. Only twice (33%) did the SEC school win by 10 or more points.

There was only 1 blowout on each side (a win by more than 20 points) and Florida was on both sides of it which eliminates that any one school is better and carries the conference.

Jan 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

Does the Big 10 teach punctuation and proper syntax?

Oct 24, 2008

The rivalry between these two conferences makes for some great football and makes the game all that much more interesting at the collegiate level.

As an avid Big 10 fan, I did a little independent research (you can too @, to determine which conference can boast the most national champions from the beginning (1869) of league play. Let me say right off the bat that I think both conferences are superior to any other in the NCAA (besides maybe the Big 12)and I respect the SEC greatly.

The argument about which conference is superior can take a lot of different angles, and can be answered in a number of different ways depending on what which variables you want to measure. Are we talking this season; this decade; or historically?

Historically speaking (since 1869), the teams that are presently in the SEC have accumulated 27 National titles (according to retroactive polls, AP National Champs, Consensus National Champs, and the BCS series); the current Big Ten teams boast 33 national championships (see NCAA link above).

Also, according to: (I realize Wikipedia is sometimes inaccurate) the Big Ten boasts the most total consensus and non-consensus national championships of all-time with 60; the SEC has accumulated 47.

So from an historical context, the present Big 10 teams take the cake in superiority. Now if your talking who is the best this decade, (and most likely this season) it is hands-down SEC; they have 5 national championships; the Big Ten has 1. However, from 1950-1997, the SEC has 6 consensus titles; while the Big Ten has 13.

So I think it's fair to say that by era, SEC is presently top dog, but historically speaking, the Big 10 earns that distinction.

Thanks and good day to you.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the research. Good stuff. My point though would be that the Big Ten has been around a lot longer than the SEC. So, is it really fair to count NC's the Big Ten won before the SEC was even in existence? Anyway, we all agree that right now, the SEC is #1.

Thanks again

Oct 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

1.People rarely take into account weather. The SEC has great weather throughout the season. The Big 10, not so much.

I would love to see any of the SEC teams go up to Michigan or Iowa in the winter and try to play their style ball. Its a completely different style play. the ball is cooler so the atoms inside aren't moving as fast which means it doesn't travel as far.

So the Big 10 constantly relies on the running game to get wins. where are ALL the bowl games the South or west. Warm weather which favors the SEC/big 12 style offense. That is why the Big 10 has such a difficult time playing in bowl games. Plus its easier to get to the bowl games practically ensuring a "HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE" outlook.

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