You hate the big ten

you really hate the Big Ten don't you? Why? If it's such a mismatch between leagues then why waste your time arguing that you're so superior?

I don't start a website that has all the reasons why the Big Ten is better, why? Because I just don't have the kind of time it takes to post that kind of unlimited information. Plus people from the south probably wouldn't be able "to read it good" anyway, huh CletusJimBobdixiecrotch?

Why don't SEC fans worry about dental care,(get some teeth before you jaw at me) and the pathetic state of their educational system,(Yes it's proven people in northern states have a higher IQ, google it dum dum) or the obesity issue,(you know your a fat piece of couch potato) before they rag on another persons culture, and regional past time.

The south will always be the salty taint of america, and no, the south will not rise again.

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Jul 05, 2010
I love the big ten
by: Mo Johnson

Hey dude, chill out. I LOVE the big ten. I love the conference just like the globetrotters loved the Washington Generals. We need you.

But, seriously. I really do think the Big Ten is a great conference, including football. All in all, it's second to the SEC. I just have nothing bad to say about it except they need to take some math courses (11 teams in the conference; soon to be 12 -- not 10)

The other thing that I think kind of undercuts your analysis comparing Big 10 country to SEC country is -- If you are right, then why the heck does big 10 country lose population and SEC country gain it every year; every day...?

Why are people flocking to the South and out of the North? Is it for the dental care? Maybe it's the buffets? Whatever, they are voting with their feet.

Last point -- we really do try to keep the SEC vs Big Ten competition friendly, classy and intelligent. And, normally we succeed at that -- better than most any other sports forum.

But, from time to time we don't succeed (as with this exchange), but we still always have fun!

Cheers -- see you in the bowls. Looking forward to it.

Jul 07, 2010
You hate the Big Ten
by: I pay attention

Hi Mo; Just saw your 7-5 comment about the Big 10's math problems and the sec being better overall than the Big 10. Hopefully, football is the only thing you think is important because the Big 10 has 6 schools on the individual and team leader boards for National SPORTS Championships. One of the Big 10 schools on the list is acquired(PSU). The only sec school on the leader board is a recent transfer to the sec(ARK)

As for the math problem, Google "Big Ten Logo". Click on one of them to increase the size. If you look where the words come together, you will see the 11 in the logo with one of the "ones" cutting into the T. Have a nice year.

Jul 08, 2010
all sports are NOT created equal
by: Mo

Hey "I pay attention" -- who the heck are you? Anyway, no matter. What does matter is football and baseball. Some quick research will reveal to you that the SEC has 4 straight NC's in football and 2 straight in baseball.

Now if you want to say that rowing or rugby should count as much as those championships -- well, we'll just have to agree to disagree about that.

But, thanks for paying attention and check back often.

Also, curious, so what will the big ten do with their logo now that they have 12 teams? obviously a name change is in order.

how about "Big Ten (plus 2)" ? Catchy

Looking forward to football season :)

Jul 11, 2010
I agree. SEC tough at football and baseball for years.
by: I pay attention

Sorry, I misunderstood, good buddy. I thought you were talking about over-all sports programs when you said that. Seems there has been a good basketball team at times too. Many other areas are not top quality, resulting in the sec's low standing in TOTAL sports program championships. If you feel that being top quality in a coupla few sports qualifies as over-all, you are right in your statement.

The Big 10 didn't change their name originally because PSU was expected to be joined by either their rival Pitt, or, ND within a couple of years. As the negotiations dragged on, it became a joke. But, financial considerations of changing names twice for a short time is the real reasoning.

There are now negotiations going on with the Big 12 to switch names. A successful agreement will eliminate the expense that would be required for changing stationary, other paperwork, logos on uniforms, etc. LOL I don't think the B10, PAC10, etc will be changing names until the Big 12 situation plays out completely. That financial considerations thing, again.

I'm a lifelong athlete, and fan of SPORTS. I'm free from financial considerations and have been in almost every state. Lived in OH, AR, FL, LA, and TX. Loved my time in TN and OK. I live in AZ right now.

Jul 11, 2010
SEC Sports
by: BA

I'm not sure what you are refering to as far as "leading in sports titles". The SEC has the current football, baseball, basketball, track & field(indoor), Womens swimming & diving. Some where along the line the SEC represented very well in other sports, i.e. mens & womens golf, tennis, 1 pt. away from a track & field title(outdoor), womens gymnastics.

The University of Florida placed 2nd in the Directors Cup - which is awarded on Championship points and tournament play - all the while Florida has 10 fewer varsity sports than the school that placed 1st. To me, that's saying something. Hey, you got us in hockey & wrestling.

Jul 13, 2010
What "leading in sports titles" means.
by: Anonymous

What it refers to is the NCAA website I posted that lists the teams leading in titles. It doesn't pick and choose to suit my, or your, personal biases. "Over-all doesn't mean that only the years and sports I consider important count. Not sure what "you" you mean. I live in AZ. Among others, I lived in AR, FL, and OH.

I was checking something for another forum, saw Mo's post, looked up the chart and posted the link for him. I thought he was with this site and I posted for his info. I will be spending my time on my normal forum after this. I don't want to defend, or, belittle the sec all over this, or any, forum.

I do find the sec fans habit of always hopping to the team in a conference that wins a title instead of having team loyalty a bit foreign. On most forums, that is called "bandwagoning".

Kinda like me trying to take a lot of pride in the NFC winning the SB when the Cardinals got knocked out early. But, if it helps someone keep their head up, it's all good.

I am loyal to my team. When they are out I don't suddenly attach my sense of pride to our rivals, or, some team I don't give diddley about.

Jul 14, 2010
Reading Comprehension?
by: Anonymous

Since you posted to an SEC v. big ten thread, there is no reason to bring up bandwaggoning. I'm not sure it exists among SEC schools. It's a I'll whoop my brother, but if you try, we'll all kick your butt.

We do not HATE the big ten. We rather enjoy the meltdowns. The unrealistic dreams of their fans is no reason to HATE the big ten.

Jul 18, 2010
Interesting points about new developments in fan support for conferences
by: Mo Johnson

Interesting point "I pay attention"

You are right that traditionally people were fans of their team and not necessarily their conference as a whole. In fact, more often than not they "hated" teams in their conference and would root for anyone who was playing them to beat them.

But, lately, more and more, people root first for their team, but second for their conference. This is why you hear chants of "sec, sec" at the sec championship game and other games. Same thing for the other conferences, though to a lesser degree.

I'm not sure why the change, although it certainly makes sense. Financially it is good for my favorite team if other teams in the conference do well, go to bowl games, get increased TV exposure, etc.

And, also, there is a growing desire to support our various regional brands of football. Which is why I'm so glad the big 12 survived.
Anyway, thanks all for your comments.

And, no need for anyone to beat up on each other. We all are fans of the greatest game on earth. College football!! Almost here!!

Oct 11, 2010
Big 10 vs SEC
by: Jimmy Bob

Hey, I'm a fan of the Big 10 (where the men are men and the women are too), like a big brother to a little brother. Where else can you go to watch football in slow motion?
Heck, when you get those crowd shots during the game you can tell the difference between the male and female Big 10 fans because the women have freshly shaven faces on game day.
I am reminded of Ohio State everytime I see my cat walk away from me with its tail in the air. The Big 10 (or should I say the Big One and Little 9) are football want-to-be's. The SEC runs 4.3's like it is their business. What would you rather watch---a bunch of slow white guys plodding around in the snow OR athletes who have dominated the Big 10 (like 67-48-2) since 1930? Is it any coincidence that the University of Michigan is FINALLY back on the national map because they have a kid from Florida running the offense? Or, two of the five DB's starting for OSU are from Florida?
The fact is this...if you want slow and boring football stay above the mason dixon...if you want fast and exciting football y'all come over now, y'ear me?

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