Why You Need to Catch College Hockey Fever

The NHL, or National Hockey League has a huge fan base, which grows more powerful with every season. For thousands of fans there is no better sport than ice hockey. Fast paced, hard hitting and non stop action make ice hockey a must see sporting event. As with most sports, the fans play their own vital role in making the game exciting and legendary. Like in all sports, hockey fans learn to love their game from a early age, and for many that love is solidified while routing for a college team. College hockey is big, especially in the America's North East and of course in our friendly neighbor to the north Canada. But as big as its is it still doesn't hold a candle to other college sports like baseball, basketball, or football.

Hockey may never garner as many fans as America's greatest past time, or the Pac 10, or the various College Bowls, but maybe it should. College hockey is really good and only getting stronger and more fun for fans. There may be no better time to start watching college hockey. Here are a couple reasons to start getting excited about college hockey.

1. The Leagues Are Getting Stronger And Much More Exciting.

In the recent past the college hockey league formations created a college hockey program that was broken, confused and diluted. Before there were too many separate leagues which never meet during the regular season, each with their own style of officiating. These separations made it difficult for teams to progress and talent to prosper. Many of the greatest players were looking to Canadian College Hockey programs to foster their talents and professional aspirations. This is all changing fast. The recent creation of new more comprehensive leagues and consolidation of the Nation's college hockey leagues are creating a stronger and more exciting college experience. The Big Ten league is comprised of some of the Nation's best College Hockey teams and is giving rise to great talent and an uncompromising level of excitement.

In an article written for the USCHO, Wisconsin's head coach remarks, "I think we have a really fun product," Eaves said. "It’s a good product to watch and the fact that the exposure level will be at such a high and constant level, people will know where it is and where to find it. I think having that on the table will help people find the game and we’ll get more fans because of that."

2. America Is Becoming A New Breeding Ground For The World's Best Talent.

The new Big Ten league is attracting a higher level of talent, especially from Canada, one of the world's leading talent pools. The new leagues are more exciting and more competitive then ever before. The Big Ten has its own broadcasting and is even getting play on ESPN and other sporting networks. These programs are being run in the U.S. and Canada, which is helping spread and grow U.S. College Hockey.

This new conference has been key in recruiting new talent. Players who may have never dreamed of leaving the very popular and competitive Canadian leagues are now considering colleges in the Big Ten like, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Penn State. U.S. college hockey is starting to house a large number of NHL prospects. Faster games and better officiating are major factors contributing to a game which is much more entertaining and exciting for fans.

Fans can now follow their favorite player from college to the professional arena. Fans want to follow great players. Fans want to be like their hometown heros. You play hometown hockey at the local ice rink, or pond, wearing your hero's gear and even opting to customize your gloves to look like your favorite player. That fever can start earlier when the college hockey talent pool is stronger and creating more potential NHL players.

3. Schools Are Home To Or Now Building Great New Arenas.

Colleges are starting to notice that a strong hockey team can be a great financial draw. Many colleges, like Penn State, have built amazing new arenas and are seeing the fan base and ticket sales starting to grow substantially. Not to be over looked, rinks like the University of Minnesota's Mariucci Arena, and the "The Yale Whale" or the David S. Ingalls Rink in New Haven, Connecticut and more, are finding themselves on lists of must see destinations for hockey fans. Having a great venue makes watching games really fun for new and die-hard fans alike, and great college rinks like in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are hosting large audiences.

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