Who Would You Bet With?

by Mo Johnson
(Montclair, VA )

The Week eleven Discover Fan Loyalty Poll results are out and this week the issue of betting on football games was addressed.
Specifically, the question was if a college football fan had to make a wager on their favorite team, who would they make the wager with?

Turns out with a friend was first choice (36 percent). Behind that was spouse (20%), family member (17%), or colleague (11%).
However, it wasn’t nearly as cut and dry as to what fans would be willing to give up in their friendly bet. When asked if at the time they were to place the bet that they were very confident their team would win the national championship, what would they be willing to wager -- 62 percent said they weren’t sure; 16% said the loser would have to give up beer and 10 percent were willing to put their cell phone on the line. This was followed by Internet and TV.

If fans had to bet on which college football team is the best in the country right now, Alabama came out on top again. However, Bama lost to Texas A&M Saturday so this result will surely change next week.

It’ll be interesting to see who is on top next week. Tune in right here to find out. What will DiscoverCard poll next? Find out right here later this week.

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