What Makes a SEC Fan So Unique?

It’s not too often that a diehard fan of one team will end up cheering on a rival team, but SEC fans are unlike others. No one really knows why SEC fans are the way they are; some assume it’s all about having a connection of living in a Southern region. Maybe it’s just a shared love of college sports. Whatever it is, you can rely on a SEC fan to cheer on any team who’s winning.

Whether you root for the Vols or the Aggies (or both), here are some ways to show your support and wear your one-of-a-kind fandom with pride:
Wear Merch From Your Favorite Teams

One of the great things about being a SEC fan is that you can be a fan of more than one team (yes, you read that right). What better way to show your support than buying and wear some merchandise?

Wear a Gators sweatshirt with a Gamecocks cap and Razorbacks socks. Might not be the most fashionable of choices, but as a SEC fan, you can mix it up, and no one will think twice. There’s no way that an NFL fan could get away with wearing two different team logos (Packers and Vikings? Yeah, right.)
Support Fellow Fans

Do a quick Internet search, and you will notice that there’s a lot of cool merchandise and memorabilia specifically for a SEC fan. Support your distant “family” of SEC fans by purchasing some SEC garb or if you’re feeling creative, make your own and sell it online.
Show Your Fandom All Year Long

If you’re only a SEC Football fan, you’re missing out the rest of the year. Why not watch other sports, such as Baseball? Cheering on all the teams is a great excuse to get together with other SEC fans and enjoy your friendly rivalry.
Host a SEC Fan Party

When you host a SEC Fan party, you’re not likely to have a dull moment. Encourage everyone to show up in their team colors and even make a “tailgating” dish from a recipe, true to their home state.

Want to make it family friendly? Set up games in the yard for the kids and have face painting. You may see a big collection of Gators, Razorbacks, and Bulldogs on kid faces (and maybe a few adults).

Get Some Friends Together to Watch Any and Every Game

A true SEC fan will try to catch any or every game whether it means catching it on a tv at the bar or streaming it online. While heading to a live game isn’t always possible, especially if you’re a SEC fan from outside of the region (which is totally legit), there are other ways to catch a game.

Want to continue your competitive fun between breaks and games? Try out some online gambling or even try your luck at sports betting.

However you decide to show your support for your favorite SEC team, do it with pride and with the uniqueness that only a true SEC fan can do well.

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