Vols Ascending; Dogs Descending

by Jason
(Omaha, Nebraska)

I think team descending Tennessee is crap. Last year they were rebuilding, even though they were inexperienced they were beating LSU on the road could not win because of one defensive player staying on the field, Bray not playing a full game lead a comeback vs the Gamecocks on the road tying the game in the 4th with the Gamecocks needing a td to prevent late in the 4th to prevent the Vols from tying the game, Gators needed a td late in the 4th quarter to prevent the Vols from tying the game, for the first half they were easily pushing around Oregon unable to contain Poole, and was also a close vs the Crimson Tide. Even with inexperince they still made it to a Bowl game.

Like the Detroit Lions they could not make the critical plays in games earlier in the season but 2011 they are going to win more games, and won't be pushed around like they were last year because they have a experience, and the the QB that gives them the best chance to win starting, chemistry. Tyler Bray is 4-1 as a starter 18 tds, and 1849 yards. Also my prediction they finish better than 4th.

I think they can upset the Gators. Gators are going to have contain Bray for 4 quarters, are going to make the LSU Tigers sorrow in Knoxville barely won at home with Simms starting rematch playing Bray in Knoxville with the Vols, and they don't want a shootout with Bray. Last two times UG, and South Carolina have come to Knoxville they were steamrolled. Play a rebuilding Arkansas, and Albama, beat Vandy, and maybe Kentucky at home can finally end the losing streak.

Even with a 2-6 record fans still showed up to the games, and hiring Dooley is excellent.
For team descending Georgia. They lost to the UC Buffaloes with a head coach that had 0 winning seasons, could not even score a single td vs UCF and became the team that UCF beat to win their first ever bowl game, and one of their best seasons in School History. They lost one of their best receivers.

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