Varieties of Internet Bingo Games

Internet bingo games are based on the same principle as traditional bingo games that are played at bingo halls and other venues. You get tickets and check to see whether the drawn balls match the ones that are on your ticket. Except, no actual balls are being drawn, the numbers are randomly picked by a software – random number generator (RNG).

The rest is pretty much the same, and in addition to participating in the main game, you can communicate with other players in the chat room and even win small chat room prizes. Bingo bonuses are another way for players to play for free and win real cash prizes.

Bingo Games

Online bingo rooms feature multiple rooms where they held multiple games. You can play all types of bingo games that you can play at traditional bingo halls. In fact, as  internet bingo sites are not limited in terms of space and introducing new games doesn't increase their operational costs significantly, many introduce innovative new games more or less similar to existing bingo games.

Internet Bingo Games by Number of Balls

75-ball bingo is the most popular variant of bingo in the US and Canada. 75 bingo features 5 columns and 5 rows and the word Bingo is always written on top. You will see numbers 1-15 in the first column, numbers 16-30 in the second, up to the fifth column where you'll find numbers ranging from 60 to 75. There are 24 numbers on the ticket, the middle square (3rd in the 3rd column) is always free. There is a very large variety of winning combinations in 75-ball bingo.

If you're from the UK, you're probably familiar with 90-ball bingo, the most popular variant on the British Isles and all over Europe. 90-ball bingo ticket features 15 numbers, divided into 3 rows (5 numbers per row) and you can win one line, two lines or a full house.

80-ball bingo is becoming extremely popular, a ticket features 16 numbers arranged in a square format (4x4).

30-ball bingo is a faster variant, often called speed bingo and it is perfect for those who prefer to play bingo on their mobile devices. The ticket is consisted of 9 numbers in a 3x3 format.

Internet Bingo Chat Games

The chat games can really spice up any internet bingo game. The chat hosts announce whenever a chat game is about to begin, they set the rules and then whenever a player completes the task, they announce that he/she has won. Chat games are optional, you are not required to participate, but it is hard to find a reason not to participate.

In certain games you'll need to pair up with another participant, these are known as buddy chat games. Trivia quizzes are also very popular chat games. The moderator would ask a trivia question and the first player to answer wins the game. Karaoke trivia is a special game where you have to type the lyrics of a particular song.

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