Vanderbilt Belongs in the SEC

by VandyDandy

While I agree with your opinions about Vanderbilt football this year (especially considering this written before their defeat of South Carolina) - offering to flip them with clemson doesn't make any sense.

Vanderbilt is a CHARTER member of the Southeastern Conference - and there is a lot more to the SEC than just football.

Vanderbilt finished 33rd in the Director's cup and 59th last year (not excellent but not embarassing). Their basketball team has defeated the #1 team in the country two years in a row, back-to-back NCAA Tourney bids, 2 Sweet 16 appearances, and the #1 team in Baseball for most of 2007.

Opining that they should the leave the conference they helped start is short sighted and bad thinking.

I love the SEC and I love Vanderbilt, but thinking they need to go just doesn't fly with me.

Editor's Note: Thanks VandyDandy. When you put it that way, i feel kind of bad for suggesting it. :( You have a good point. And, my position is especially weak after they beat South Carolina for the second straight year in football. And, of course, Vandy's baseball program has also come on recently. Still, my main point is just how similar Vanderbilt is to most ACC schools in so many ways. And, conversely how similar Clemson is to most SEC schools in those same ways. I still think that. But, you're right, Vandy should stay in the SEC as long as the Dores' want to.


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