USC vs Texas

#1 vs #2. Two undefeated teams. 2 Heisman winners and another Heisman candidate. Numerous players now in the NFL. Capped off a storybook ending.

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Sep 18, 2010
by: E.

HEISMAN TROPHY WINNERS normally r the best players in college & most of them move on & have careers in the NFL! Some of there NFL careers dont turn out like most ppl suspected & it causes debates on when a NFL team should select a Heisman winner but i guess thats just how the ball rolls sometimes, lol! There is a lot of controversy on what these Heisman winners should receive during there college careers & there r going 2B opinions on both sides of the fence about this, that, would of, could of & should of, lol! When it comes 2 sports & $ there r always going 2B favorites & ppl r going 2 do politically inncorrect things 2 try & get there way no matter how politically correct ppl try & make it! Sports & $ r somewhat like the world & war, most want 2B the ALPHA & some will take it 2 any level 2 get there way! Some go there whole lifes hidding under the radar & dont get caught & the 1's that do will always have that ASTERISK on there resume! Cant we all just get along & show 1-love, lol! The world is a BIGG place & there r always alot of things going on that ppl will think r right & that ppl will think r wrong but the world will always turn so stay open minded but stay THOROUGH folks! LOYAL SPORTS FAN: E.

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