Unusual sports we would love to see at Rio

With the Olympics in Rio fast approaching and the football European Championships taking place in France the summer of sport is truly upon us. With all this going on there is no doubt people will be looking to take up sports all over the country. We thought we would take the opportunity to introduce you to some weird yet wonderful sports that all have their own their own competitions but are yet to feature in the Olympics. It may actually leave you wondering why these sports haven’t been included before.

Finger Jousting:

Finger and thumb sports have been around for ages but finger jousting really came into it’s own in 2005 when their international governing body was founded. This organization was put in place to oversee all finger jousting activities and events in an attempt to reunite all finger jousting athletes from across the world. It was an instant success within the finger sports community and now hosts events worldwide. Despite the rules being complicated and long all you really need to participate is a hand with fingers and that is what makes the sports accessible to almost all people.

Shin Kicking:

Although everyone has heard of the Olympic Games not everyone might be aware of its counterpart, the CostswoldOlympicks. This series of sports has been taking place for over 400 years and puts athletes through their paces in sports such as shin kicking. The shin kicking contest is exactly what it sounds like. Contestants take each other on in a 1 v 1 battle in which they must kick their opponent in the shins in order to win.

Rock, Paper, Scissors:

Mainly considered as an argument settlers Rock, Paper, Scissors actually has its own championship. The UK RPS championship takes place annually in London. It also attracts a fair amount of players with over 200 players turning up to compete for RPS glory. Some may say it is all down to luck but if you follow the Ladbrokes guide to RPS you will soon see that this is not the case. If you fancy yourself at being an RPS champion you can always take it up and who knows you might even end up winning their grand prize pot of £100.

So there you have it, a pick of weird and wonderful sports that you definitely won’t be seeing at the Olympics this year but I’m sure you wish you were watching, who wouldn’t want to watch competitive finger jousting right?

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