Unfair treatment?

by Don

Let's see a southern team play up north in an outside stadium in January and see who fares out better.

We can praise our southern teams all we want but why aren't there any BCS Bowl games played in the extreme northern states where some of those teams have to play and practice in freezing, snowy weather.

If I had to guess, I would have to say that it is probably a lot harder on a northern team to prepare for a bowl game, given their weather conditions, than it is for our southern teams to prepare with the far less severe weather we have here.

I would venture to say that if we put our beloved SEC teams (such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia and LSU) in Mass, CT, MD, WV, PA, NY, IND, OH, MI, WIS, IA, ILL, MINN, ID, MT, ND, SD for example, they would not fair nearly as well as they do where the BCS Bowl games are currently played in December and January. Likewise, taking one of those northern teams and having them play in a southern state in say August.

So, if you want to make things fair for all, spread the bowls games around geographically and only allow the top three teams from each conference a bowl bid. That will take away most of the politics involved in selecting the bowl game teams.

Or even better yet, let's do away with the BCS Bowls and have a play off system like Division II.

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