Ultimately No Conference Can Compete with the SEC in Football


I recently recall an Ohio State player answering a question about why they were the underdog to another SEC team in the BCS National Championship Game after they were humiliated by Florida the year before for the National Championship. Once again, this 2-loss SEC team named LSU humiliated them again in the BCS National Championship Game. The same year, Georgia (another 2-loss SEC team) completely destroyed that overrated undefeated Hawaii team in the Sugar Bowl.

So, you need to look at many of these losses that the SEC has taken the last few years. Most of them are the weaker SEC teams that barely qualified for a bowl and only received a bowl due to the fact that all of the SEC teams got bumped up to a higher bowl and matched with teams from other conferences that only had 2 or 3 losses, where these weaker SEC teams had 5 losses.

Sorry to inform you people, but teams like Boise State and TCU are good teams for their level of competition. However, if they had to play in the SEC, these undefeated teams would lose at least 3 to 4 games or more each year. Just to give you an example of what level they are at, just look at similar teams that Boise State and TCU play who have played a below-par Georgia team this season (2010). Georgia destroyed each one of these teams by half time and finished with identical scores each time of 55-7 for a combined score in two games of Georgia 110 Opponents 14.

These non-BCS teams simply don't play the level of competition throughout their regular season's to support their appearance in the BCS Top 25 polls. If they defeated their opponents with an average score of 70-3 and dominated any team from a BCS conference by 30 points, then maybe I would agree with their inclusion into the BCS Top 10 rankings. However, by not playing better competition throughout the regular season, they never were challenged. They simply don't belong with undefeated, 1-loss, and 2-loss teams from the BCS conferences.

Over the last 10 to 15 years, the SEC has clearly been the most dominant football conference. Just look at some of the scores from the BCS bowl games and the National Championship Games involving SEC teams. Yes, the SEC has lost a couple here and there. BUT, look at the wins in which SEC teams completely dominated and destroyed undefeated and 1-loss teams.

Ultimately, no other conference can compete with the SEC. I don't see any other conferences getting 10 bowl games to end a season. This happened at the end of the 2009-2010 college football season. The SEC had 10 bowl games, but only has 12 teams.

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