just the truth

by harold
(baton rouge, la)

the media loves the big ten and rates them high every year. the bottom of the sec would do well in the big ten

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sec has been robbed since 1966

by steve smith
(gulf shores , Al)

The only reason there is a passionate debate about this topic is the number of times the eastern press has pumped up a paper tiger from the big ten, had them beat a weak opponent from the pac ten or eight and then Brent Musberger would call them the national champion.

There is no question in my mind about which conference is better, especially when it comes down to bowl season. it ain't the sec. the only other real choice for this top honor is the big ten. they are consistently the only conference that seems to be able to beat the sec. they undoubtedly have always had better running backs and linebackers than any other conference.


I'm tired of all the talk during the regular season about how the sec is the toughest conference to play in. sure they might have one or two good teams, but if they were in big ten country it would be utterly different.

This used to happen quite frequently until the bcs has stopped it a little bit but not completely. This kind of thing has happened so many times I don't know which examples to pick but check out Alabama's record in 1966 of 11-0 but the 'northern press" crowned Michigan and Notre Dame co- national champions after a boring tie game- absurd.

Had the press been fair about this topic the record would speak for itself and there would be no debate. Just because a bad OSU team winds up beating a equally bad Michagan team should not get them a national championship shot. It has many times.

Like I said Brent Musberger screaming here comes the granddaddy of them all the Rose Bowl with the national champion used to make me physically ill.

Year in and year out the winner of the sec will have beaten 3 teams that would slaughter the big ten winner. However that very same sec winner will have two losses or more. It is the nature of having played good football teams in hostile stadiums.

What the press has typically done is for some reason made giants out of whatever team OSU or Michagan lose to, see Appalachin State last year, but really it doesn't matter, if the team can't be made a giant they switch to "it was early in the season".

Really I am wasting my typing, as this will never change. There are forces here I don't completely understand. I suspect there is and always has been a bias against the south since the civil war. Of course the press is primarily located in the east and the west. And then the fact for television ratings there are most certainly more tv watchers in the east and west.

Finally, as I said this will never change I guess until our population goes up, but for some reason espn is pumping up the sec for the first time in my life.

I AM suspicious.

Editor's Note: thanks steve. i think the press is coming around. everyone loves sec football, it's simply the best to watch. most exciting. that's why espn is paying the sec 3 billion over the next 15 years to show every sec game in it's network. yahoo!

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