Trophies that are Icons of Sports

by Dennis Phoenix

It's always about the trophies. From little leaguers to professional sports stars no victory is complete without clutching the winning trophy in their hands. But of all the trophies representing the hundreds of sports around the world, only a few have reached iconic status.

But what makes a trophy iconic? First, it is instantly recognizable. For example, even a non-golfer will recognize the significance of the Master's green jacket. Second, it elicits an emotional response. Really, who doesn't get a lump in their throat when they see an underdog receiving a gold medal? But let's get on with it. Below are some of the most iconic sports trophies in the world. If you think I've left your favorite out, let me know in the comment section.

Gold Medal

No other award truly says that you are the best in the world at your sport like an Olympic Gold Medal. Athletes of nearly every major sporting event in the world covet the chance to have this medal draped around their neck while their national anthem plays in the background.

Stanley Cup

The trophy that every hockey player longs to hoist above their head.This trophy has such iconic status that the men presenting it wear white gloves. Many professional sports players emphasize their championship ring, but not in hockey. In fact, on the bands around the Cup's base each player's name is listed for the winning team. As one band fills up, the oldest is removed and a fresh band takes its place.

NBA Championship Trophy

Better known as the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, this icon of trophies is relatively young compared to its counterparts. It received its new name in 1984 to honor Larry O'Brien's efforts to take the NBA to new heights during his tenure as commissioner from the late 70's to the early 80's.

World Cup Trophy

With a soccer fan base numbering into the billions, this is arguably one of the most recognized trophies in the world.In fact, the World Cup tournament is more popular than the Olympics. Maybe that is why they can get away with calling it a cup, even though it isn't.

MLB Commissioner's Trophy

For being the ultimate award for America's favorite pastime, this trophy is relatively young, being only 44 years old. It was first presented to the winner of the 1967 World Series. Remember who they were? Each flag rising from the trophy's base represents each team from both the National and American League. (It was the St. Louis Cardinals)

Heisman Trophy

Created in 1935 as the Downtown Athletic Club trophy, this award is presented to the best collegiate football player each year. It is so prestigious that even being mentioned for being in the running for this trophy gives you instant winner status.

Vince Lombardi Trophy

Dating back to 1967 this trophy was awarded to the first Super Bowl winners. It is easily more recognizable than its cohorts over at the MLB and NBA. Besides being iconic in its own right, this trophy would make the list simply for being named after a legend.

Green Jacket

Can a jacket be a trophy? Can a blazer be iconic? The answer is yes if it was worn by the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods. A perk of winning this jacket is a yearly invitation to the Champions Dinner, open only to past winners and held on the Tuesday before each Master's Golf Tournament.

Dennis Phoenix is an avid sports fanatic, photographer, and mountain biker. He writes primarily on topics of human relations in sports and business for Able Recognition, a supplier of art glass awards and acrylic awards.

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