Top, Bottom, Middle Tiers Comparison in Big Ten vs. SEC

by Dan
(Charleston, SC)

talking about the lower tiered teams, I don't really see any difference between Vanderbilt, Kentucky, South Carolina, Northwestern, Indiana or Minnesota. In fact, I'd have to say that traditionally, Vanderbilt is probably the worst of these 'bottom three' teams and Minnesota is the best (although obviously not this year). I can't give the SEC an edge there.

I can't really give the SEC an overall edge among the top teams - Michigan, OSU, Penn State vs. LSU, Tennessee and Florida (though this year it would probably have to be SEC). The only real edge for the SEC would be the middle. And that is only there when discussing the Michigan State and Illinois type teams. I think depending on the year, teams like Iowa, Wisconsin and Purdue are toe to toe with the Ole Miss, Alabama and Auburns of the world.

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Jan 08, 2008
Agree on top and middle
by: Anonymous


I think you are close with your arguments on the top and middle tiers. Very much disagree with you about the bottom. Kentucky has won bowl games the past 2 seasons. South Carolina has been strong as well -- beating Georgia for instance, they just ran into a really tough schedule. Still, they ended up 6-6 and almost made a bowl game. Vandy, tough too. Beat Georgia last year, almost always takes Tennessee and bama down to the wire.

No, the bottom of the conference is where the SEC really shines. but it also has the edge in the middle. and obviously LSU and Florida showed the SEC has the edge at the top too. But, especially at the bottom.

i'd rank OSU and Mich. right at the top all-time. But, not any more.

Jan 09, 2008
by: Anonymous

Well let me start by saying your bottom three in the sec is a joke, the bottom three would be Miss St, Vandy and at the bottom is Ole Miss who went 0-6 in the conference this year. Miss St went 8-5 this season. The SEC currently have 5 coaches who have won national championships with SEC programs can the big ten say that? You fail to mention Georgia who won the Sugar Bowl if you were not watching bowl games this year beat an undeafed Hawaii team 41-10. You also seem to forgot the SEC did go 7-2 in bowl games. What was the Big Ten record this season 3-5 great job Big Ten

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