To all other Conferences...SEC is the Big Dog

by Geezer
(Mt. Gilead, Ohio)

Sorry about your guys luck. The SEC is by far the toughest Conference in the country, bar none.... Where else can you play a team that is .500 or .600 and have the fear of GOD put into you.... and possibly have your National Championship Dreams Snuffed out....

Well it doesnt happen in The Big 10, Pac-10, ACC, Big East, or Big 12 Conferences. Well hardly ever. (Like once every 4 or 5 years) Where the SEC does it 2 or 3 times a year. Now tell me how all you other Conferences are so tough....

Yeah Right.... Go take your crying towel and get back on the porch, because its not you. Theres only ONE BIG DOG, and its the SEC. If your lucky, they may let you come down on the steps. LOL

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Jan 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

pretty sure the acc whooped your butts this year. oh, and ohio state! penn st vs fl game could have gone either way. In fact, like you would say about ohio state winning, florida got lucky. (i know how you sec freaks think, your like one big parasitic organism)

All sec has done so far impressive is smash the michigan teams, big deal. "I don't give a damn about the whole state of michigan"

you people make it hard to like individual sec teams by clumping the entire sec together like its all 1 team. Its so gay!

Go Ducks!

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