Tips On Solving Runner Problems With Proper Apparel

by Cassie

Running is a great activity and will increase your general fitness, improve cardiovascular health, and increases bone density in women. Runners also experience a better mood when they run and will tend to keep running to maintain a good mood rather than seeking to improve their figure. There are however some difficulties when you run extensively which many red sox suitcase runners experience.

Chub Rub

This is when the inner thigh rubs too much and causes a rash that will sometimes even develop to blisters. Chub rub usually happens to women and some men. It does not matter if you are fit or on the chubby side but it will more likely happen to women because women have a bit more tissue on the thigh. You can eliminate the rub by wearing bike shorts underneath your running shorts or pants. There are also lubricant products specifically made for this condition.

Chafing Nipples

Chafing on the nipples can happen to men and women, but mostly men. Women are usually protected by a brassier. Again, there are products to apply to avoid the worst of chaffing but you can also try putting a bandaid on your nipples. Wearing tight tops will lessen the likeness of chaffing.

Sweat Rashes

When the body sweats it creates a wet and warm environment where in bacteria will flourish, sometime leading to a rash. This is similar to a diaper rash and can be very itchy. It can develop on any part of the body is is more likely to become an issue when the weather is hot and humid. Taking a shower immediately after a run will help, but as you know it is not uncommon to keep on sweating even after a shower when the weather is hot. Some will tap baby powder on their body to cut the damp. There are special runners wear that will soak up sweat and dry very quickly to keep the runner's skin dry.

Finding the Right Bra

For women, proper support while doing any kind of physical activity is very important. If you need the support, a short run can lead to pulled ligaments and soreness. Studies show that sport bras do not necessarily provide more support that your regular bras. So use an everyday t-shirt bra, with underwire if needed, for your sport activities without worry. It is also important to get the right fit, especially on the cup size to avoid any unneeded strain.

Sore Legs

No matter what, all runners will get sore legs. But you can reduce the soreness by wearing shorts when the weather is hot, instead of trying to sweat it out in a full jogging suit. It is also as important to bundle up if you are running in cold weather as cool air can cramp muscles, just like a swimmer gets cramps in cold water. When the body has heated up, and you know when that will be, cool off the legs after a run with cool flowing water.

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