Tips for Getting in Shape for Next Season

Getting in shape for the next hockey season is no easy task. The season creeps up faster than you would expect, and before you know it tryouts are already beginning and you are behind. Getting ready early never hurts, and you may gain new skills in the process. Here are three easy tips for getting in shape before the season starts:

Always Cross Train

Cross training will help you with endurance, stamina, power and speed. Don't do the same workout daily. Mix up cardio, weight training and even isometric exercises. The more variety you fit into your training, the better your season will be. You will get into shape faster and easier.

Road biking, hiking, running and swimming are some cardio ideas to get you started. If the weather isn't permitting, stay inside and use a high interval training DVD to power through your workouts. Off-season training is just as important as in-season training sessions.

Train With Another Hockey Player

Getting involved with other players will help you be your best. It is motivating and inspiring, especially if the person is a stronger player than you are. Ask for advice and follow it. Having someone to guide you along is great, and you will be well-rounded the next time you are playing a serious game. If you don't know any other hockey players yet, then find a personal trainer that understands the sport of hockey.

Aim to train with a partner at least four times per week. Schedule your workouts together and gradually increase your intensity over the course of the off-season time. Visit Hockey Monkey reviews page to see what others are saying about their hockey experiences and training, as well as how Hockey Monkey can help you improve your practice.

Eat Right

It may be a few months before the season starts, but that doesn't mean it's ok to chow down on chips and fast food. Eat clean and fuel your training sessions. Stay hydrated no matter what. When you eat a whole-foods diet you will perform much better, and your training will rapidly progress in a positive direction.

These tips are just the beginning. There's a lot of ways you can get in shape for your next hockey season, but these tips cover the basics. Focus on your goals each day, and you are sure to achieve them. Don't lose sight of the overall mission and what you want to achieve by next season.

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