Time Frames and Conference Members in Bowl Win Comparison

by jim -- murfnole7

I think your total bowl win comparison between the SEC and ACC are a little out of comparison. Please put in time frames and what teams composed the conferences to clearly get a true picture of the numbers.

#1.SEC was established in 1932 with 13 teams,
which included Tulane until 1966 and
Georgia Tech til 1964.

#2.ACC became a conference in 1953 and had
only 7 teams

#3.Georgia tech didnt become a member of
ACC til 1978.

#4.S.Carolina was an original ACC member
and left in 1971

#5.As of 1991 ACC had 9 members

#6.SEC had 12 members starting 1992 with the
addition of Arkansas and S.Carolina

#7.ACC had 11 teams starting 2004 and then
12 starting 2005.

#8.Alabama won 2 bowl games before SEC was
a conference. Did you count these wins ?

#9.Are these wins after 1932 or do they take
into account the wins by UF,Ala.,Miss.ST.,
GT,and LSU before 1932?

#10.Are any wins by ACC teams before 1954
added to the totals?

Just some things to take into consideration.

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