TigerToons Calendar

by Jeff
(Rhode Island)

2007 LSU Football Schedule Poster

2007 LSU Football Schedule Poster

My LSU buddy -- who actually lives in Baton Rouge -- decides to send me the attached TigerToons calendar and then makes it into a test on the mascots. I needed to get all his answers by 9/16. So I figure out a few of the answers myself being a transplanted Yankee who loves SEC football and LSU in particular. But I can't get them all, so I emailed this website for help.

In particular, I didn't understand the tiger wearing a referee's outfit, holding a flag and smiling slyly?

So, Mo, from SECsportsfan.com contacted Tiger Toons Dude from TigerToons.org to find out.

TTD wrote back:

In all of the schedules I do I try to pick up on a recent story line regarding our scheduled opponents. If there isn't one of any significance, I just draw a caricature of the mascot.

For 2007 the descriptions are as follows, starting from the bottom left hand corner and continuing clockwise.

Mississippi State Bulldogs- Everyone pretty much hates their cow bells. The SEC says artificial noise makers are not allowed in stadiums. Since the hicks from the sticks can't read, they apparently get a pass on this ordinance.

Virginia Tech Hokies- They use a "wild turkey" as their mascot. I couldn't do much to them given the tragedy of 4-16-07

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders- Pegasus is their mascot. No particular story here.

South Carolina Gamecocks- Note the visor on the rooster referencing Spurrier's penchant for donning such head accessories.

Tulane Green Wave- A bucket of Warm Spit. We give them and their football program all of the respect they deserve.

Florida Gators- They're defending the BCS trophy during 2007.

Kentucky Wildcats- They much rather play basketball than football given their performances on the gridiron.

Auburn Tigers- Last year's game was filled with questionable calls, or lack thereof, from the referees. Some people claimed that most of the referee staff that day was from Tuberville's hometown in Arkansas.

Alabama Crimson Tide- Big Al is their mascots. He's on his knees in a prayerful posture because Bama fans attended the Spring Game in Tuscaloosa as if it were a prayer meeting. Indeed they are praying that the $32 million contract with "He Who Shall Not Be Named" will pay off.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs- I'm sure they are thrilled with the opportunity to earn a little money as a rent-a-win for LSU.

Ole Miss Rebels- Ole Miss doesn't even allow the mascot, Col. Reb, on the sidelines anymore.

Arkansas Razorbacks- Just plain ol' Orzark Sows.

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