This is sooooo funny..

by Marc
(Newport Beach, CA, USA)

I'm not a SEC HATER, but I do believe SEC fans are a little dilluted when talking about thier conferance. This person that put up this site is pretty funny.

He starts with Bowl records. If he looks into this, the SEC conferance started making their own bowls and inviting their own teams for years. That is the simple reason why they almost double up in bowl games. Also, they also have LOST the most bowl games which makes perfect sense when you've been to twice as many bowl games.

Also, after this season 2008-2009, they are tied in W vs. L versus Pac 10 as well. So only the Big 10 as far as major conferances, do they have a winning bowl record against. But this guy can keep on drinking SEC koolaid because after does taste the best! Again, SEC is an outstanding and most competative conferance, but please folks, give me a break, there is football outside of SEC football!

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Jan 02, 2011
Deluded not Dilluted
by: Anonymous

It's "deluded," not dilluted. And, it "diluted," not "dilluted." As in, "Big 10 fans, or fans of any other conference, are deluded if they think that the SEC is not the best conference in college football." Go back to school (preferably a quality SEC institution) and get a proper education. Then, you'll be able to post your comments correctly.

Jan 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

do they have edumencation programs at sec schools? I thought they were just football factories?

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