This conference comparison page is an absolute joke.

by Jeff R
(Jacksonville, FL)

The only way the sec would obtain a point total like that is with the mathematical formula this site came up with that weighs heavily on the sports the sec has done well in the past few years, and lighter on the ones they aren't very competitive in.

The big ten finishing last in your mock rankings, shows more than ever how ridiculous and sec-fan catered your rankings are. Where is wrestling? Interestingly enough, this is the sport that the big 10 and big 12 dominate, and that the sec doesn't do very well overall. The big 10 placed 3 of the top 4 teams in the country at the 2008 championships, and the big 12 had several in the top 10.

Where is hockey? Hmmm, convenient to leave this out as well since hockey in the south is terrible. Don't use the title 9 excuse for the schools that do not have hockey in the south, because the schools that have it up north have cut other sports programs such as cross country, swimming, track and field to accomodate their hockey...sports that the sec has used to build the inflated point total you have given for conference rankings.

Ohio State and several other big 10 schools always place very high in gymnastics, swimming, and diving, but conveniently only receive 1 pt in your mock scale for those. Ohio State was in the mens soccer championship game in 2007 as well, losing a close contest. Three team championship games in 1 year - no other team did that. Really it's 4 if you include the NIT this past year.

Regarding your top three factors (fans, money, wins), you forgot to mention the number 1 factor: MEDIA HYPE. Now of course I am basing that on the overrating the sec has in football. Although i do concede that last year the sec was the best in the country in football.

The sec fans are very dedicated to their teams, but as a whole they are very one-dimensional, not knowing much about the rest of the sport outside of the sec...except for of course what the media hypes. Being intelligent sports fans as you appear to be, you should know that the media hype quite often has no valid base or backing. It's more about a money pump and what will create the best news story to do the pumping.

For example, the media focuses on bashing osu's football team ever since the got thumped by florida in what was simply a fluke. No disrespect to what florida accomplished, but it was done by amped up emotions - not just the "speed" of the team. Anyone following the gators all year knows they were a whisper away in 3 other games from not even having the chance to play in the nc game. Anyone who watched osu, saw one of the most dominant teams in modern college football history, destroying everyone we played (including at texas) other than arch rival michigan, who was #2 in the country and had extra fuel playing the game the day after bo died. Clearly the same teams that played during the reg season, for whatever reasons, did not take the field in the nc game.

In 2007 then, everyone wanted to bash OSU for their light schedule, that of course we put together the day before the season started (hear the sarcasm?). OSU scheduled Washington when the were pac 10 champs and #3 in the country. The fact they fell off the wagon since is not OSU's fault. They did their job and traveled over 3000 miles to destroy them...although Wash was 2-0 at the time, coming off a win against boise st, and were top 30 in the country.

SEC teams never leave the southeast, save a few rare trips from tenn and ark, and maybe a few others. Florida - never leaves the south. Georgia is traveling to Ariz St this year, the first time they have left the south in 41 YEARS! This might be a small part in the "money" factor of the sec conference. If you never travel, then you're not spending much money. A couple hundred K to bring some cupcake in.

One thing I do find about the average sec fan is that they are very arrogant and uneducated about the rest of the conferences and their teams. This poll displays just that. Appears to me that the traditional power conference (big 10) is a conference you actually appear to want to belittle, and use a measly 1 1/2 to 2 yrs of it being down in the top 2 sports to try and prove it. Although after sec's lackluster basketball season in 2007-08, and the fact the big 10 did better overall in hoops, then really i can only say that relative to the sec, football is the only major sport we didn't excel in.

The big 10 was the first conference in the country, even older than the ncaa itself. In fact, the big 10 was formed in 1895 by presidents of 7 midwest universities in order to build a set of guidelines and ethics for sports that did not exist prior. These guidelines became the foundation for the ncaa organization, and all other conferences. This stands the test of time and can never be changed...even if the big 10 does have a couple down years.

Editor's Note: Wow, thanks Jeff for your lengthy post. You raise many interesting points. I'm sure others will respond to many of them.

I do want to point out that the SEC does not officially sponsor teams in Wrestling or Hockey -- which is why we don't cover it on this site. There may be some schools that have a club team in those sports, but, as a conference, the SEC just doesn't particpate at the NCAA level.

Of course, this opens up other obvious points you are free to make. Some will be good.

But, I did want to clarify that. I still think when you look overall at all the sports, the SEC is way out in front. Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Swimming and Diving -- The SEC, overall, leads the way. We do weight the sports differently and I think that's the right thing to do. If you think Swimming is as significant as football in the world of sports, well, you are in a different world than me.

you mention osu in gymnastics. sorry, the Super 6 just came out -- 4 SEC schools; none from the Big 10.

I could go on and on.

you make good points. but, if you want to give us a full analysis of all big ten teams in all sports vs. all sec teams in all sports (as we have done) then, I will gladly post it here for all to see.


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Apr 28, 2008
Re: Editor
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the reply - I respect the fact that you at least read the articles containing constructive criticism, let alone give them a reply.

In response, the fact that the sec doesn't have wrestling or hockey validates my point of your conference rankings point structure being biased toward the sec. It only includes sports that the sec schools participate in, and only the sports the sec schools participate WELL in (see my point regarding cross country below).

Most likely the reason the sec does not have ncaa-affiliated wrestling is because of title 9. Hockey could be title 9, or maybe just an understandable lack of popularity in the south. The problem is that most schools in the big 10 and other conferences that do have wrestling and hockey, are cutting other sports to accomodate title 9 - sports the sec participates in and that this website used to create the conference rankings with. So the sec gains points, whereas other conferences do not even have that chance because some or all teams don't have those sports.

So why not include wrestling and hockey, along with mens gymnastics, lacrosse, etc to make it fair? The fact the sec doesn't have those sports should be irrelevant, as your current rankings don't figure in the fact that other conferences' schools do not have some of the sports the sec has. Maybe at the very least, come up with a different formula that rewards conferences who do well in sports that other conferences do not have, while at the same time not penalizing those conferences that do not have a sport. Same fact goes for water polo and the 5 pac 10 schools that participate in that, with no other conferences participating. The pac 10 does not get points in your rankings for water polo.

Regardless of conference participation in certain sports, I noticed that cross country was conveniently left out of your conference ranking criteria as well. Every sec school has a cc team, and they don't have much success in that sport. So why is that sport left out? I'll tell you why - because it gives the sec the image of being more overall dominant than they really are.

Couple quick points regarding gymnastics. You are correct regarding gymanastics in the sec...for women. According to this poll
NCAA Women's Gymnastics, women's gymanstics does indeed appear to be superior in the sec than any other conference. However, the acc and big east do not have womens gymnastics, and the big 12 has 3 fewer teams than the big 10, pac 10, and sec, so they get penalized for that in your rankings.


Apr 28, 2008
Re: Editor (cont...)
by: Anonymous

I should have specified though that I was referring to mens gymnastics, another sport that
the sec (and every other conference but the big 10) doesn't appear to have, but that the big 10 has teams 3-8 in the rankings NCAA Gymnastics.

So again, the big 10 does very well in mens gymnastics, but doesn't get rewarded in your conference rankings because
the sec doesn't participate in mens gymnastics.

Also, the sec did not have a dominant mens basketball conference this past season. They had a top tier team in tenn this year (although i picked them for the final 4 and they disappointed me), but nobody else. In fact, I believe miss st and possibly vandy may have been the only other teams in the final top 25. ACC, Pac 10, big east all had better basketball conferences this year. Arguably the big 10 too. Quite frankly, I think the a-10 had a better basketball conference than both the sec and big 10 this past year.

Regarding baseball, this poll seems to squash the sec baseball dominance theory:

Regarding mens and womens swimming/diving, it all depends on how you value a better conference: depth or how many teams are toward the top 5 or 10. Same goes for indoor and outdoor track and field. Check out the polls on the same website.

And finally, not to beat a dead horse, but the sec and big 12 have 12 schools. The big 10, pac 10, and acc have 11 or fewer. So conferences such as the big 10, big 12 and big east (in some sports) have an extra team or more available to get points for the conference.

As I said in my previous post, you all at are clearly knowledgeable in sports, but still biased toward the sec. I respect fans such as yourselves, and their
passion for teams/conferences, but like most sec fans, not enough research (or at least
unbiased research) is done outside of the sec. This just continues to feed the biased
"media hype" that I referred too that built up the whole theory that the sec is some sort of
super conference in the first place.

Wouldn't it be great to highlite all of the great things about the sec as you have done, but
also mention what the sec needs improvement in? Or maybe even throw a general kudos to
other conferences when appropriate? I know this site is of course catered to the sec fan to
build sec fans energy up about the conference, but to the outside visitor (and a few sec
fans who are unbiased), there would be more credibility and respect here if the full story,
good or bad, was given.

Good day fellow sports fans - i'll be pulling for sec alums, and now current nfl rookies, pat sims and andre caldwell this coming season as they try to help my lowly bengals!

Apr 28, 2008
Re: Editor (cont...)
by: Jeff R.

Sorry, I got confused with where my article was going to be posted. I assumed it would lie just beneath the original article that I was commenting on (that what my page rating of 2 was supposed to be for).

Did not realize it received a page of it's own. Here is a link to the original article:
Best College Sports Conference.

Mo's Reply: Jeff thanks for your outstanding comments. You make many good points. But, there's no way this site can cover everything. We really don't have the resources to cover sports the SEC doesn't participate in, etc, etc. We truly do try to be fair; just truly think the SEC is the best. That rankings page has not been updated in a year and could use some updating. I have to agree with you that in the past year, SEC baseball and basketball has declined slightly (at this point anyway). On the other hand, a second straight BCS Football Championship about compensates for that (as football is clearly the top fan sport) -- and, of course, Georgia just won their 4th straight gymnastics championship; Tenn. Lady Vols 2d straight women's b-ball nat. champ.

sorry, the SEC remains #1

HOWEVER, PLEASE send me a comprehensive review of the conferences of your own -- i'm sure you'll have some reasonable basis for your opinion. I'll post a prominent link to it from the "best college sports conference" page -- and that might encourage others to do the same.

I'd love it.

Thanks again.

Lots of great conferences, only one can be #1 -- if you've got to pick one -- hard to see how it isn't the SEC! But, I look forward to seeing your pick.

Oct 02, 2008
Joke on this...
by: MrCollegeFootball

My friend, when it comes to making a point about anything, you are the worste. At least make an effort to identify what it is your talking about. More so because the fact your an SEC bandwaggoner all the sudden please keep in mind the ACC still, in 2008, still holds the crown for being a better confrence, and unlike you and Gov. Palin demonstrated tonight on the debates, I'll give you substance and examples of what I'm saying..... and oh yah, I wont have to lie in attempts of telling the truth

1: ACC boasts more NFL players to ever grace that league from (FSU-MIAMI) than any other team.

2:Most winningest coach of college football is found in the ACC

3:More all americans and bowl championship rings reside in the ACC

4:The same coaches you see coaching in the SEC winning championships(2)in recent years; have been understudies in the ACC. (Gerogia's on MC

5: Finally, ACC far exceeds all other confrences in education..(Duke, N.Carolina, funny... this point should have been first

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