There is a playoff system and the BCS headed by the SEC

by football fan
(Fort Mill,SC)

First, there is a playoff system right now, it is called your season. If you win, you play in the bowls.

Second, The BCS will soon have it's second leader from the SEC. The SEC is the only conference to have 2 heads of the BCS, the Big 10, zero. So, how can you say that the BCS ignores the SEC. Maybe the SEC head is paid off more than its players.

Also, please raise your hand if you really believe that Kentucky and Arkansas were better team than LSU last year? Do you think that South Florida and Miss' State are better than Auburn? Maybe Bama is a better team than East conf champ TN? Mich is better than FL? No No No No.

But, if you subscribe to a playoff, a lesser team could get lucky, like in these games, thus move on. Does that mean the were a better team all year, or just that afternoon?

I am for a 16 team playoff. Take the top team from each conf. If you rank the teams, then put some of them in a playoff, you still rely on the BCS ranking that everyone complains about. How much sense does that make?

Also, the only team screwed this season was the USC Trojans.

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Jan 19, 2008
National Championships by Conference, Since 1992
by: Tex/1st-N-Goal

Since the 1992 season, there has been three methods attempting to match-up the best two teams for the National Championships.

Initially, their was the Bowl Alliance, covering the 1992-94 seasons; then for the next three seasons, it was called Bowl Coalition.

The latter method ended in 1997 and that brings college football under its current system of matching up the best two teams--with the winner claiming the Bowl Championship Series, BCS.

As with a lot of things with college football, fans of each conference proudly say their league is better than the other.

Over the past 16 seasons, 1992-97, one conference has stood-out by a 2-1 margain--the SEC.

Below is an annual listing of champions under these three headings and a composite by conference and at the end, an overall confernce total of winners and seasons.

And in the BCS Standings of Conferences with the most titles--the SEC has 4 titles and the Big 10 just 1.

1992 Alabama
1993 Florida State
1994 Nebraska

Champions by Confernce:
1-SEC, 1992; ACC, 1993; BIG 8, 1994

1995 Nebraska
1996 Florida
1997 Nebraska

Champions by Confernce:
1-Big 8, 1995; SEC, 1996; Big 12, 1997

*BCS Champions by Team
1998 Tennessee
1999 Florida State
2000 Oklahoma
2001 Miami FL
2002 Ohio State
2003 LSU
2004 USC
2005 Texas
2006 Florida
2007 LSU

Champions by Conference:
4-SEC, 1998-2003-06-07
2-BIG 12, 2000-05
1-ACC, 1999
BIG EAST, 2001
BIG 10, 2002
PAC 10, 2004

Composite Champions by Conference:
6-SEC 1992-96-98-2003-06-07
3-ACC 1993-99-2001
3-BIG 12 1997-2000-05
2-BIG 8 1994-95
1-PAC 10 2004

Feb 18, 2008
You missed the point...
by: Ish

Your last sentence is very telling. The point of the article is that teams that play in weak conferences (like the PAC-10 or the Big 10) have an easier time going undefeated.

If you look at the conference match-ups in all Bowl games, SEC, Big 12 and ACC prove that they have more quality teams (not just one or two studs). Is USC a good team? Well, duh! Of course! UCLA and Oregon are OK, too. But that leaves 7 others that are weak. Michigan and OSU are good, too, but they play 8 weaker schools each year.

The point, as in the article, is that if you play Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee, and South Carolina you are going to have a tougher time going undefeated than if you play Stanford, Arizona, ASU, and Oregon State.

So, no USC, who played NO REAL competition, did not get screwed. The Tigers almost did get screwed, and OSU didn't even belong in the game (as they played a schedule only slightly weaker than USC).

Nov 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

the bcs is overly fair to the sec. thats is, if you go undefeated. thats the point that us sec fans are trying to make. its TOUGH to go undefeated in the sec. its possible, but so much harder than the wimpy in conference schedules that the big 10, sometimes big 12, wac (BOISE STATE, echhhhhh), and pac-10. All these confrences have just 2 good teams, but the rest are cupcakes. in the sec, its sooo hard to go undefeated, while osu has no top 25 ranked teams in their schedule, goes undefeated, and gets blown out by a 2 LOSS LSU and 1 LOSS Florida. the bcs is unfair to the sec because it treats the undefeats like royalty, bt when they lose, plop down to 15 or sumthin. everyone knows its harder to play in the sec, and that is why the bcs treats our teams like crap

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