There are 36 Varsity Sports


And Ohio State competes in all 36, issuing full scholarships in all sports. Ohio State Athletics is the biggest in the land, collects the most revenue, etc.

If you want an objective look at which conference is best in all sports, you have to look at all 36 Varsity sports, from football to women's hockey.

The most Varsity sports any SEC team chooses to compete is 22. If you choose not to compete, you lose. As Woody Hayes said "This country was built on winners, not losers, OR THOSE WHO DID NOT BOTHER TO COMPETE."

End of story until the SEC begins to compete in all 36 sports. You can't pick and choose which sports you want to analyze and extrapolate which conference is best from a small selection of sports.

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Jan 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

It is nice that you compete in so many sports. It's a good thing you have a FOOTBALL program to support them. Good ol Woody Hayes. Isn't he that that legend coach, teacher and molder of young men, that ran on the field and hit a kid from the other team because he couldn't win without cheating? He speaks volumes for THE Ohio State U!

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