The Top 5 Reasons Basketball Is So Popular

Basketball is a sport that is followed worldwide. It is played in almost every country in Asia, Europe & in the USA. Basketball is even an Olympic sport. The popularity of basketball on the Olympic stage has helped make it the second-most popular team sport in the world, just behind soccer. Basketball has been recognized as a social and economic force worldwide.

  1. Affordable - Basketball is one of the most affordable sports to play. There is not a need for any special equipment. All it takes is a ball and a hoop. It doesn’t even require an actual basketball or a hoop. Any ball and other things can be used as a hoop even a box can be substituted for the hoop. There is equipment that can be purchased. There are high end basketball, professional hoops to name a few. To save money on these items it is good to do an online search for discounts. offers savings from a multitude of merchants.
  2. Accessible - Basketball is more accessible than any other sport. It is accessible to play and to watch. It only takes one to play and basketball is so fun that one is all you need. Basketball can be played in the street, in a school yard, inside, outside, or many other locations. With the international broadcasting of basketball, you can be almost anywhere in the world and be able to watch a game. The games are even broadcast over the internet.
  3. Easy to Learn and Play - Basketballs rules are not complex. The ease of the rules makes the game easy to learn and play for people of all ages.
  4. Teaches Teamwork - For parents a key factor in the popularity of basketball is that it teaches teamwork. They develop critical social skills while learning to work with their peers as a team. Playing basketball also burns calories, increases balance, coordination, and endurance, and helps improve concentration.
  5. FUN - The game is fun. The game's play time is short compared to other sports. You get to meet and be around people that have the same interest as you. During the game. the excitement runs high. The dunking and the alley oops get the crowds wound up. The sport is so fun that even basketball video games are popular.

With all the different styles of players, such as a passer, play maker, shooter, defensive player, and dunker or high flyer, basketball keeps you entertained. There is nothing better than the sound or lack thereof a ball going through the hoop not touching anything. The popularity of basketball has made it one of the most popular games in the world.

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