The SEC is the Best: No Question

In response to the guy who said the Big 10 has more National Titles, first and foremost if you want to say the best all-time conference is the conference with most National Titles then vote for the Ivy League.

Secondly, the majority of those National Titles were voted on by Pollsters making it somewhat bull.

Thirdly, the SEC did not come into existence until 1933 giving the Big 10 roughly 40 years to gain only 8-10 more National Titles.

Lastly, since the conception of the BCS the SEC has sent 5 different teams to the National Championship with 6 wins and 1 to be determined. However, the Big 10 has sent 1 team with 1 National Title.

The Big 10 (should be renamed "little 12") has obtained more bids to BCS games, but have a losing record in the BCS while the SEC has a won more BCS games and has a BCS winning percentage of .737. Oh and the SEC has a 100% winning ratio in the BCS National Championship game.

I am tired of people saying there is an argument over what conference is the best football conference in America. SEC is the best, no question.

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Dec 09, 2010
Response to SEC Best
by: Buckeye Bill

All of Ohio State's Nat'l Championships came after 1933. 1942, 1954, 1957,1958,1961,1968,2001.
While their bowl record IS dismal against SEC teams in the bowls, their record against the SEC in regular season is 7-2. The last time an SEC school played north of the Mason Dixon line was LSU in 1988. OSU beat them 36-32. OSU was horrible that year under John Cooper, finishing 4-6-1, while LSU was SEC co-champions that year. Its a little different coming up north to play and EVERY SEC coach know it and avoids it like the plague.

Nov 29, 2011
Over recruiting
by: Longhorn's Rule

SEC has over recruited more than any other conference.They are the Barry Bond of conferences. They have had an unfair advantage by not playing by the spirit and letter of college football recruiting.

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