The SEC: 4th or 5th Best Basketball Conference!

by jesse b

Kentucky and Florida are the only good SEC basketball teams.

Every now and then LSU or Tennessee will do something, but there is no way you can say they are better than the big ten, pac ten, big east or the acc.

All are better than the SEC top to bottom in basketball.

Big Ten: ohio state(recently, but also look at their all time stuff) indiana (need i say more) wisc. and illinois are decent every year. mich st. (need i say more) mich, fab five. purdue , gene cady.

The big 12 vs the sec. maybe a toss up. texas oklahoma, ok st. , texas tech. , kansas, ...much better i think top to bottom than the sec.

The big east: better top to bottom, uconn, bost.coll., nova, st. johns, temple(?), notre dame. no contest.

The Pac-10 vs SEC:

This one is tough, because all time, they are superior to any, only because they have the best basketball program of all time in ucla. but now, i think the sec has their number. top to bottom at least.

Other than Florida and Kentucky(especially kentucky all time) the sec is a fair, at best, basketball conference.

Admit that, and take it off your website that they are even decent.

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Oct 19, 2007
Yawn -- SEC is Better Than That
by: Anonymous

Obviously who ever wrote this article doesn't watch college basketball. I wouldn't say that the SEC is the best conference, however if they are not number one they are at worst number two.

Lets look back over the past few years. Kentucky champions in 98', LSU final 4 last year, Florida champions 07', Florida champions 09' South Carolina NIT champions 07', and I can't even begin to tell you how many SEC teams make it to the elite 8 each year, usually at least 1. Also, lets not forget the SEC is home to the most dominate team in college hoops, "Kentucky".

How many teams in the SEC have won a national title? Kentucky, Florida, & Arkansas have all won national titles.

Lets not forget that the Big East is huge! They should have a few good teams if they didn't we would all be very disappointed in them.

Bottom line is the SEC has had more tourney bids than any other conference and over all, come tourney time, the SEC has done better.

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