The Cam Newton Exception

by Mo Johnson

Newton vs Bush: The Difference

We've had some comments stating that it's unfair for Cam Newton to be reinstated and face no punishment whereas Reggie Bush (former USC player and Heisman Trophy winner) had to return his Heisman and USC got punished with a post-season ban, scholarship reductions, etc.

OK, good point. But, there are big differences between what we know of the Cam Newton Scandal and the Reggie Bush one. At least what we know so far.

The big difference is that Reggie Bush and his family actually received monetary benefits. There is no evidence so far that Cam Newton or his family actually received anything from anyone.

The other difference is that Reggie Bush actively participated in receiving the free stuff. Again, we have no evidence at this point that Cam Newton received anything or knew of any money changing hands.

So, that is a big difference.

But, the NCAA's action in Cam Newton's case has opened up a loophole whereby apparently parents can solicit money and as long as the kid doesn't know about it -- it seems to be ok as far as the student-athlete's eligibility.

In the past, it was believed that if the parent did something it was treated as if the kid did it. So, we have the "Cam Newton Exception." now.

More to come I'm sure. I really think there is more to this that will come out in time. I want to ask Cecil Newton why Cam chose Auburn!!

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