The Cam Newton Controversy

by Bama Fan
(Alabama )

I attended the University Of Alabama, so instantly one would think I am biased. However, there are some interesting questions this whole media blast brought to my attention.

I remember the player from Bama, who shall remain nameless,(cough, cough) Albert Means. Who was recruited by un-named Alabama rival (cough, cough) Tennessee. That incident was reported by Tennessee after Means went to Memphis. I find it very interesting, that a few weeks before the Alabama game, this all came to the forefront. I would bet this 47 cents that I have in my pocket that someone, somehow, some way connected with Alabama started this. If it was just a witchhunt, or just merely stirring the cauldron, I am not sure.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but now the NCAA is saying that the father violated NCAA rules but Cam had no knowledge. Wasn't that Reggie Bush's defense? I thought whether he knew or not, it still made him ineligible.

The reason why that rule is there is to safeguard against parents doing stuff on the child's behalf. Keeping the athletes name off all documents; houses, cars, boats, jewelry, etc. that way it doesn't belong to them. So, if the father is guilty, by the rule, so is Cam. Why is the NCAA making an exception for him?

Sadly, this fine athlete has had his name dragged through the mud for rivalry sake, nothing else. Someone, I believe, feared this guy so, they started this so he wouldn't or couldn't play against Alabama. Sadly, for those of us who love the Crimson Tide, he did. I find him to be an absolute talent and I can see why he did not want to sit behind Tebow; he is a better quarterback.

With that being said, lets go back to the real issue that started it all. What are the chances of an athlete with his extreme talent, after having sat, and while transferring to another SEC school basically thinks to himself:

"somebody is gonna pay for this. I am not going through all this without getting paid."

I say those odds are likely as well, for Cam Newton or anyone with comparable talent.

So, in closing, in my opinion the dad did seek money, Cam knew about it, and someone connected with Alabama knew as well. It was and never will be an issue for the father, because it was about money with him. It is an issue for Cam because that cloud will always hang over his head, 'did he or didn't he?'

And lastly, the person connected with Alabama has a tougher pill to swallow. They get to hide in the weeds and never be exposed for a being a small-minded low life who would stoop to anything to help his school win, and stoop even lower to beat good ole Auburn.

Doesn't excuse the dad nor Cam, but I think it's time for America to stop kidding itself, this stuff happens more frequently than we would care to know. For references, see Charles Barkley, Fab Five of Michigan, Derrick Rose, Reggie Bush and on and on ad infinitum!

That's my two cents....well 47 cents.

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Dec 03, 2010
by: flipper

Shame on you NCAA. You have just ruled that college players can play for pay. How much now? $200,000.00, $500,000.00, $1,000,000,.000. Just have a ghost agent to make all your stealth arrangements. How much did you have to finally pay Newton to play; Auburn?Come on give us some idea on the amount to start with. I mean most colleges would like to get their players cheap as possible. Maybe we could just have all college recruits go into a voting/bidding pool. Kinda like a draft…but the player does not know anythig about it he just goes where he is told. Maybe we could call it The: PAY FOR PLAY. THE NCAA-AUBURN-CAM-SHAM-SCAM.

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