The Big Ten is Better than the SEC

by bigtenfanfrombama

Both conferences are strong, but the Big Ten is better. Not stonger, but better. There is a difference. Looking at all these historic stats that are thrown at us, including bowl wins and head-to-head stats (mainly thrown at u by an SEC fan), one would see an SEC advantage.

But lets look at the comparisons a bit deeper. First of all, there's is no argument that the Big Ten has as many top-notch athletes in the NFL as the SEC. This simple fact negates any silly notion that the SEC is fast and the Big Ten is slow.

Second, while peaking at those head-to-head bowl matchups, consider where the games are played. The Big Ten has more than held its own in these games, many of which are played in the deep south in 70 degree weather.

How bout that Wisconsin-Tennessee game at the Big House in Ann-Arbour on Jan 1st instead of in Tampa Bay?

Third, the SEC has a decided advantage in their bowl matchups over the last decade. The media can ridicule the Big Ten and play kiss-kiss with the SEC all they want. But consider the conference tie-ins and what they mean.

As much as the media (Mark May) wants to loath the Big Ten, the proof is in the pudding. Purdue played Central Michigan, the MAC champ, in Michigan.

Penn State played Texas A&M in Texas, Michigan played Florida in Florida, Illinois played USC in California, and Ohio State played LSU in Louisiana.

I don't care how "strong" or "weak" you are, but that is a tough draw...not to mention that Michigan State (a 7-5 football team!) had to face a double-digit winner in Boston College down in Florida.

One last thing..the Big Ten had 8 first-team academic all-americans, the most of any conference. The Big-Ten graduates many more players,and though this doesn't show up in any win-loss records, it does help show who is the "better" conference.

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Jan 04, 2008
well done
by: Jake

Finally, someone who can look at is REALLY happening inside this bitter rivalry.

Jan 05, 2008
by: Rob

I Love it!!!!


Jan 09, 2008
how ironic
by: Anonymous

i find your facts interesting...

these bowl games are how many years old? Doesn't the Big 10 travels to the Rose Bowl every to say its a tough draw for Illinois, come on.

and how come no one complained about traveling last year when Ohio State had a fan advantage to Florida in the BCS?

so its ok to complain about going to New Orleans but its not to when you have an advantage?

and i didn't hear anything when Michigan played USC last year either.

Jan 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

I totally agree. Finally someone who can see the whole picture. I'd be willing to bet that less than half of the football players in the SEC would even be excepted into a Big Ten school. IF they did, I would be willing to bet that half of them would be on academic probation within there sophmore year.

Apr 24, 2008

A total of 2,160 student-athletes were named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll in 2006-07. Members of the SEC Academic Honor Roll must have a 3.0 grade point average for either the previous academic year or his/her academic career at the SEC institution.

• During the last five years, the SEC has had more student-athletes honored as CoSIDA/ESPN The Magazine Academic All-Americans than any other conference. The league has had 171 student-athletes named CoSIDA/ESPN The Magazine Academic All-Americans, including 79 named to the first team. LOOK IT UP. Now if I see the lies once more those individuals will have to leave.

Apr 25, 2008
Big 10 Homers
by: BAMF

Y'all don't even play up North Jan.1st. Hell, you can't even friggin' go ice fishing without bringing a cabin to the frozen lake to fish from inside of it. Give us all a break with that 'Up North' BS.

Northerners only complain when they can't win.

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