The article "Big Ten vs. SEC: Can't we all just get along?"

by Benjamin
(Columbus, Ohio)

I think the link went dead, but I remember reading it about 2 months back when I came across this site, just surfing for... you guessed it Big Ten vs. SEC football.

Anyhow I want to let you know I think you put a great site together even if you are an SEC turdnugget :) In the article, if I remember correctly there was a comment about a certain school using "The" in it's name. Well as an alum I can tell you it is used not to be cocky or draw attention to ourselves but actually in the school charter as the name of the school. Several school charters name their university "The..." w/e university.

Furthermore the reason we pronounce it as thee ohio state university can be seen here. stressed thee; unstressed before a consonant thuh; unstressed before a vowel thee. As taken from a dictionary. I guess we just prefer to speak correct english in the North. OK that was uncalled for but just having fun, again I think you did a great job on the site and you do a good job of updating.

I enjoy our Big Ten and SEC matchups every year and look forward to more. Just for giggles since it's a Big Ten vs. SEC deal...'t get the silly link to work but there is a nice little article about the Big Ten taking the SEC in academics)

BTW we go by Big Ten not Big 10 when we switched to 11 schools the name did change even though very little (I know you got it right but that was just general knowledge for other ppl reading). Keep up the good work.

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Jan 02, 2008
Yes, the link appears dead
by: Mo

Thanks for your nice comments about the site. We try our best and we are certainly open to any "advice."

Thanks for letting me know about the link; you're right, the article appears to not be there any more. I'll leave the link up for a while hoping it comes back. If not, I'll take it off I guess.

thanks too for the link about academics. as i feared, only vandy and florida make the list. I'll have to research a way to attack the study's methodology :)

Hey, you have to be smart to devise good offensive football formations, right. Bet they didn't even consider that....



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