Texas Longhorns Fan Gifts

by Michael D.
(Texas )

Hey great college sports gifts page here! I loved reading through your gift ideas and I am impressed with all the research that you have done to select the top gifts for college sports fans. Of all the suggested gift ideas I loved the branded umbrellas and travel tumblers.

As a frequent traveler and huge fan of my alma mater (Univ. of Texas) who follows the Longhorns regularly I take it as a matter of pride to carry an umbrella bearing my favorite team’s logo.

Not only that I usually have the paraphernalia in matching colors and moods. I do have travelling tumblers, sticky, caps and totes carrying my favorite team’s messages and logos. It gives me a sense of completeness and contributes to my comfort factor. Also, it helps to strike up conversations easily with others who already can easily tell I love UT.

One of the major advantages I have had because of them is that at sports events fellow fans recognize who I support and then they get along with me. That leads to a lot of new friends and some real good times after the games (depending upon the results of course).

Oops! I have written my rant all over here, but that’s not what I intended to do. I just wanted to let you know of some cool college sports gifts that you could feature in your list. I am sure the inclusion of these will accentuate the value of the list.
Have a look at this cool baseball gift (chair and ottoman) for the college baseball fans (of any team) around you

How’s that for a kids game room?

And, if you know somebody who would put any spare minute into video games then this Wii Sports Resort 8 in 1 pack may be the ideal gift for him. You may find it at

Have a great day,

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