Steps for Success After the SEC

by Becky

Recently, there has been much controversy over the payment of athletes participating in the SEC, NCAA, and all other types of collegiate sports. While large corporations are profiting off of using player's likenesses in video games and merchandise while giving the universities a hefty cut, there is an underlying problem that athletes are not prepared for the workforce upon graduation. Colleges, and the surrounding community who support these athletes should take the following steps to help educate student athletes after college:

Support from the Local Business Community

When it comes to supporting athletes after their college ball days are over, there is no one more important than the local business community. By opening up doors and allowing student athletes a glimpse into the inner workings of the business world, they will be more focused on what they want to pursue after college. This will make them consider their class choices more closely so they can start building the tools they need to suceed.

Better Career Planning Services

A major reason why collegiate athletes do not succeed after their playing days is because they do not know any other way of life. From high school until the final tip-off or kick-off of the season, athletes are primarily thinking about competition instead of career advancement. Colleges like UCLA offer extensive internship and career planning services that help student athletes think about life after the game and SEC colleges would be wise to follow their example.

Comprehensive Medical Coverage

While many Americans are calling for comprehensive medical reform, college athletes are a small minority of the population who actually deserve it. Colleges and universities should be responsible for covering the health care costs related to any injuries that occur during school-sponsored events and help cover the costs of incidents that may occur down the road due to sports related injuries. This takes a steep financial burden off of students who may have lingering issues after years of physical play.

Guaranteed Tuition and Housing Reimbursement

Most people think that college athletes are guaranteed 4 years of education with a place to live, study, and eat in relative safety. While this holds true for many college athletes, it is easy to receive injuries in sports such as basketball and football which can end up voiding scholarship contracts.

Financial Management

If (and this is a big "if") college athletes were to receive profit-sharing incentives due to deals made with corporations, they should receive the help of a campus financial planner. An experienced financial planner handling a student's money could lead to smart investments and athletes who are better prepared to take on entrepreneurial roles after they leave college. Financial planners can also help with taxes, estates, and the financial future of a student's family so they can focus on studying and playing sports.

It is not only college athletes who are ill-prepared for the working world, many students do not have the proper knowledge to land a job after they graduate. Colleges should be more concerned about providing vital career information than they should be about the amount of money they take in. They should offer these up as mandatory classes instead of having students take frivolous courses about subjects they will not need to know about.

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