Stats, Facts and Rubbish

by Forrest

Mountain West teams are 60 wins 67 losses 4 ties if all bowl appearances are counted. More bowl appearances just mean that "bad" SEC teams are allowed to play in bowls which should be reflected in the winning percentage.


The SEC conference has 10 teams in the bowls which means the other conferences top 5 teams are playing our 6 through 10 teams so the SEC should never have a winning bowl record.

Also most of the SEC 2,3,4,5 teams usually play someone’s number 1 or 2 team. Again it should be reflected in the winning percentage.

Lastly with the most National Championships it would appear the SEC does well when playing our number 1 against other conferences number 1 school when the game actually matters. Get 500 bowls behind you then we can talk.

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Jan 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

You southern boys drink too much moonshine...

Jan 06, 2010
by: Wade Buckeye

SEC 23456 plays another conference 1 or 2? Check the rankings of the Big 10 matchups over the years. Remember, the Big 10 only has 11 teams and no divisions. They beat up each other all season long. SEC, ACC, Big 12,and PAC 10 play bowl games at home. Come to the north next January and go bowling. Did you see the Miami players freezing their arsses off? Fair weather football!
Bama is the best this year. They were the picture of perfection against Florida.

Jan 09, 2010
by: MetNer

I dunno why coaches even bother to do their jobs. They should just come in here and listen to the "experts."

Jan 19, 2010
by: CollegeFutbolGuru

This article is exactly right... The SEC is set up to lose in most of the Bowl games they play in... and to still have the best record in bowls is incredible. The Big Ten is awful!!!

May 06, 2010
Big 10 is horrible
by: Anonymous

Oh dont worry ALABAMA IS coming up north and playing prolly the best team in tha big 10 next year. So we'll see what they can do against a real DEFENSE!!!(Prolly Nothing) If ur talking trash and from the big 10 just shut up!! UR HORRIBLE!! OHIO STATE proves that. 0-9 all time in bowl games against sec. r u serious?? ha ha yall r a joke.

Aug 14, 2012
s e c not looking at the percentage of games won,
by: Anonymous

SECOND is thrying to overrate themselves. Look at the percentages of win vs losses,before putting it on a graph

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