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Never thought I'd be writing about sports fabric or yarn or fleece on this site. But, surprisingly, I've received a number of e-mails from people looking to knit or otherwise create a team (college or pro) sports throw or something like that. Here's an example:

Dear SEC Sports Fan:

My grand daughter in Tennessee loves the Girl Vols. I am wondering where I can find some fleece to make her a throw with either basketballs and your colors, or whatever? Please let me know.

And, I've received similar requests for where to find Alabama Crimson Tide yarn or Georgia Bulldogs fabric.

So, I did a bit of research and found a nice site with lots of fleece with every color you can imagine. Whether looking for Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas or one of the Mississippi team colors -- I think you can find what you are looking for at: Fleece Lady.

In the case of the lady with the granddaughter in Wisconsin, I told her that had basketball fleece on this page and all colors, including UT orange at this page.

She wrote back:

Thank you so much, I love the basketball theme...and will back it with the appropriate orange! Can't wait to get the fleece and start working! Again, thanks.

So, it seems to have worked for her. So, if you are looking for college sports yarn or fabric or fleece -- check out Fleece Lady.

Fleece Lady is a friendly, helpful web site. Their color match service guarantees you get the color you need. That's important because often team colors are close, but a true fan can tell the difference between, for instance, Florida Gator, Tennessee Volunteer and Auburn Tigers orange. Nothing worse than going to all that work and getting the color shade off a tad so that it represents a totally different team.

Or, how about trying to tell the difference in the shades or red between the Georgia Bulldogs; Arkansas Razorbacks; Alabama Crimson Tide; Ole Miss; Miss State -- even South Carolina has a shade of red in their colors. Each shade for each team is a bit different. So, anyway, Fleece Lady's color match service is great!

For sports team color yarn sources -- check out Buying Yarn Online.

Fabrics are even easier. There are lots of sports, team or novelty print fabrics out there. Check out

That's another site with great sports-themed fabric. You can find football or basketball or baseball or pretty much any sport fabric at those sites.

Happy hunting and making your sports fabric, yarn or fleece creation. And kudos to you for making it -- especially if it is a gift. It will surely mean a lot to your loved one.

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