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I think the SEC is a great program but no where near the pac 10. Come on even if it was getting close, the players are all from the pac 10 anyway 6 of the florida starting 9 were from Ca. Look at all the other rosters.

I dont want this to be a total rip on the players its just the nonsence of the SEC always saying how great they are there not (the kids from the west are) they should get there pitching from the pac 10 if thats the case.

You could change 1 pitcher for another in the SEC They all are the same screw ball pitcher who coudnt throw a rise ball if they had to (IMPOSSIBLE) to throw from that position so they throw the ball on the same plane and wala.

You need to start better club teams and build the talent you have but most of all look at the top pitchers in the world they have a frim front side and are sideways at the point of release so they can throw a rise not something you call a rise.

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