Skip Bertman should be the #1 All-Time SEC Baseball Coach

by Scott
(Frisco TX)

Bertman's accomplishments blow Polk's away.
Bertman has 5 NC's to Polk's zero. He has more CWS appearances and more SEC titles and he coached half the number of years Polk did. Whoever picked Polk at #1 is crazy.....

Editor's Note
Thanks Scott -- we agree. Actually, it's pretty obvious that Skip Bertman is the best SEC baseball coach ever. And, you are not the only one to say that. We have received an avalanche of opinion on the issue today, all supporting Skip, so we have corrected our error.

Here are some of the other comments we've received:

"Skips career is more impressive with almost half the time as Polk, look at the championships. Polk is obviously good, but just because he has been there forever doesnt make him better than the master, Skip Bertman."

"Skip Bertman has 7 SEC titles which is more than Polk. He has 11 CWS appearances, which is more than Polk. Bertman has 5 national titles, which is more than Polk. Yet, Bertman is second? Wow."

"There is no way in the world Ron Polk should have been ranked ahead of Skip Bertman. Those five national championships alone dwarf anything Polk has accomplished in his career. The name of the game is to win it all and Polk has never won the big one."

"Polk has won a lot of games but he's coached twice as long as Skip and has no championships (national) to his credit. Bertman's five national championships, in an era when competition was keen, is far more impressive then USC's coach's ten titles when no one took baseball seriously. You guys simply hosed Skip.


"There is Skip and then wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy below him there is the rest!"

"5 NC's in ten years - not to mention the SEC titles, etc....."

"Other than trojan boy - Skip is the best college coach ever - in ALL of college baseball history!"

"You got the three names right but...
The fact that Skip Bertman is not far and away #1 is a complete joke."

"Ron Polk over Skip Bertman?"

"Please give us some of what you are smoking, no really its not close 5 National Championships to 0. How many SEC Championships, isn't it 7 vs 5?"

"All time record:
Ron Polk 1157-583-2 66.5%
Skip Bertman 870-330-3 72.5%"

"How can the "best" coach ever in the SEC only win the conference 5 times in 30 years, when a CONTEMPORARY of his won 5 NATIONAL titles in 10 years?"

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