SEC vs SEC College Football Championship Game Each Year

by jpcedotal -- From Louisiana

If there was a legit playoff system, then there would be a lot of whining about having to watch a SEC vs SEC championship game every year.

No non-SEC team that went undefeated in the last 20 years would have if they played in the SEC...period.

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Apr 24, 2008

NFL Draft Picks since 1988 on USAToday:

Numbers are from the US Census:

California, Texas and Florida are always touted as the Football Elite but it does not when it comes to talented players. The report doesn't show that. Look the total number of draft picks divide by the population and multiplied by 100K and get the results of the number of draft picks per (100K) in population for each state. I found some interesting results.

Top 10
Louisiana 5.01
Mississippi 4.55
DC 4.54
Alabama 3.59
South Carolina 3.26
Georgia 3.09
Florida 3.04
Hawaii 2.66 ****Really
Texas 2.48
Nebraska 2.27

Bottom 10
Vermont 0.00
Maine 0.00
New Hampshire 0.07
Rhode Island 0.27
New York 0.60
West Virginia 0.60
New Mexico 0.62
Nevada 0.66
Massachusetts 0.68
Connecticut 0.74

The South owns High School, College, and the NFL. Look you rooster poots in the midwest and east, get over it already. The Superior talent is in the Southeast.

The numbers don't LIE folks.

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