SEC vs Big Ten Debate is Settled -- Part II

by Charlie
(Chicago, IL)

OK, here's the rest:

Another thought I had was that with the exception of Florida, most of the SEC states do not have many professional teams (and those in FL are in the southern portion, not exactly SEC country). The Big 10 states' professional teams certainly outnumber those of the SEC. As a result, there are more options available to sports fans.

Outside of OSU, I don't think a single Big Ten state is out and out in favor of the home school. Illinois is torn between the Bears, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Illinois, etc. Pennsylvania has the Eagles, Steelers, Nittany Lions, Pitt. The only NFL franchises in the SEC states are the Saints, Falcons, Jaguars, and Titans (and only recently) if I am not mistaken. With the Braves, Predators, Hawks, Thrashers being the only professional franchises (and outside the Braves, none are very popular).

Most fans in the Big Ten states can follow hockey, pro football, college football, baseball, college basketball (lead nation in attendance every season) within a short drive on most campuses and in every large city. A great example of this would be baseball fans in the Big Ten/SEC states. The Big Ten states vary throughout each campus with regard to the most popular team, while it seems as though the Braves are the team of the South, is this correct?

Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina do not have any major professional sports franchises as far as I know, while Iowa is the only state in the Big 10 that does not have a professional team. I think this may be a relevant aspect as to why the SEC has overtaken the Big Ten in both popularity and quality of play.

The SEC states eat, sleep and breathe college football, while the Big Ten is dominated by professional sports. Not that this is a bad thing, I love college football and have nothing but great respect for the way the SEC treats the sport, I wish it was a bit more contagious in Big Ten country (the only exceptions being in Ann Arbor and Columbus).

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Oct 02, 2007
Top Tier of Big Ten can hang with SEC
by: Mo

Charlie -- Thanks for your contribution. You make a number of excellent points. I do believe some Big Ten schools can "hang" with the SEC. The top tier of the Big Ten is (year in and year out) about equal to the top tier of the SEC. I'm talking about Ohio State and Michigan (and now Penn State as well).

Those schools benefit from the relative weakness of the middle and lower tier of schools in the Big Ten. The top tier has less competition than the top tier of the SEC. Heck, Michigan and Ohio State come into each season knowing they will be favored to win at least 8 or 9 games. If either loses more than 2 -- they, by definition, had a bad year.

In the SEC you have more top tier teams -- Florida, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee (well used to be anyway and still is in recruiting), Arkansas, -- now Alabama, even Kentucky and South Carolina. Heck, Vandy is no longer a pushover -- or the two Mississipppi schools.

So, top to bottom SEC football is far superior to any other conference. But, at the top, the Big Ten is right there.

Your point about SEC states having less pro sports "distractions" :) [at least that's how I see them] is particlarly well taken. I don't think the impact of that can be overestimated.

And now college football is so ingrained in the culture of SEC states -- that no other college football conference will ever catch the SEC. That's my opinion anyway.

Thanks again. Great submission.

Dec 29, 2007
mostly right, but go there and youll see
by: Anonymous

i agree with most of this.. but go to a white out game at night in beaver stadium (penn st.) and tell me that they arent the craziest people you have ever seen. or camp randall (wisconsin) during the 30 degree weather. even a night game in iowa is very similar to a night game in lets say south carolina. if you have ever been to a game in any of the three places i just named than you can say what you want about outside of ann arbor and columbus.

Feb 02, 2008
to charlie
by: georgia fan

In regards to the following statement: "The only NFL franchises in the SEC states are the Saints, Falcons, Jaguars, and Titans (and only recently) if I am not mistaken. With the Braves, Predators, Hawks, Thrashers being the only professional franchises (and outside the Braves, none are very popular)."

what about the buccaneers,the carolina panthers, the florida marlins,orlando magic, miami heat, tampa bay lightning, new orleans hornets, memphis grizzlies...

Mar 12, 2008
I agree
by: Anonymous

Pro football will never be more popular than college football down here. Why?? our pro teams suck.

The Falcons will never beat the Bulldogs. the Titans will always be second to the Vols. the Saints??? over the Tigers you're nuts.

Dolphins,Bucs,Jags over Gators, Canes, Noles close but no cigars. Lots of people down here grow up college for decades and view their college teams as their pro teams.

Pro football is second class down here, In the Midwest outside of Penn State, OSU, Michigan, Iowa maybe Wisconsin. The rest of the Big 10 teams don't care about winning or have any state or conference pride.

They are the reason the Big 10 is weak no competition. alot of kids down here want to play in the SEC as bad as the NFL because if you can play SEC ball, the NFL might not be as hard.

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