SEC vs Big Ten: All time records don't matter

by RustyLH
(Jacksonville, FL)

But check the records in the BCS era. In that time, the SEC and Big Ten are tied up. Now add in the fact that all of the bowls are in the South and the Big Ten has to go on the road to play those games.

The SEC has never ever ever had a year like this.

Ohio State vs LSU in Louisiana.
Michigan vs Florida in Florida.
Penn State vs Texas A&M in Texas.
Illinois vs USC in California. (Rose Bowl is about 20 minutes from the USC campus.)
And last, #8 Big Ten team Purdue vs the MAC champs Central Michigan in Michigan.

Big Ten finished 3-2 in those bowls.

But the stat that matters the most is the fact that in the BCS era, the conferences are in a dead heat in head to head bowl games. And that's with the Big Ten traveling to SEC territory to play those games, every year.

Think that doesn't matter? Check Florida's record in bowl games in the state of Florida, out of Florida but in SEC territory, and out of SEC territory.

You'll find that Florida has a winning record in Florida, a losing record at 4-7 out of Florida but in the SEC territory and they are 1-5 out of the SEC territory.

In short, if they had had to play bowl games out of their home territory like all Big Ten teams have to do, you wouldn't do so well.

Also, check the number of bowl games vs mid-majors. The Big Ten played the least amount of bowls vs those schools in the last ten years at 3. The SEC is second with 7. But the SEC also gets fat on the two worst two BCS conferences in the Big East and the ACC.

The Big Ten plays the majority of their bowl games vs the SEC, Big 12 an PAC 10.

On occasion we get a ACC team but then you end up with #6 Big Ten team Michigan State against Boston College who was the losing team in their CCG that year and had a Heisman finalist QB.

Michigan State still kept it to a 4 point game.

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