SEC Softball is still #2

Let's see.....

Alabama (SEC best) loses to WAC champion. The WAC!!! (Good Hawaii team) but to lose at home after beating UH in the first game. Ummmmmm.

Florida (SEC 2nd best) beats a second tier (4th place) PAC 10 team (ASU was 4th in the PAC10 and below .500 in the conference),

Georgia (SEC 4th best) beats CAL who was 6th place in the PAC10 and under .500 in the conference.

Florida and Georgia are suppose to win at home over lower tier teams.

Tennessee (SEC 5th best) does beat an over-rated Big 10 team Michigan (sorry Michigan) at home.

Washington (Pac 10 best) comes back and beats a very hot Big12 tournament champion Oklahoma ! Shows toughnest!!

UCLA (Pac 10 2nd best) dominates the Sun Belt Champ who beat the SEC 3rd best team (LSU) at the Baton Rouge regional!!!

Arizona (Pac 10 3rd best) beats a hot MWC champ (BYU) who beat just before beat a Texas team at the Austin Regional.

Now the only even match Pac10 vs SEC would be the Oregon (7th Pac10) vs Auburn (7th SEC) game in the Atlanta Regional. I believe Oregon won the game and the regional.

Ever year, it's the same song....the SEC is great and they are stronger than the PAC10. AND when the PAC10 wins the WCWS, no props (or respect) are given to the PAC10.

You can tell the SEC bias on ESPN by the coverage. ESPN should show a statistic of how many CA players are on these SEC powerhouses!!! Take FLA, about half of their stars of from CA (most or all of the records were made by and/or broken by CA girls). Alabama's SEC great (Charolette Morgan) is from So CA. Look at all of the top teams lineups and even some coaches. When the SEC finally does break through and win a World Series, check out who will be playing for them!!!

Don't get me wrong, the SEC is a good conference but stop comparing them to the PAC 10. You can't even compare SEC Softball to the Big West Conf. because even Cal State Fullerton has won one WCWS title against the big boys (uh, girls). Win one WCWS first, ok?

I really think you better stop downplaying the PAC10 and show the conference the respect it deserves or you may wake up a sleeping giant and start a competition for the best players in CA and in the west. Heck, the SEC is lucky that USC doesn't have a softball program! Then there would be another PAC10 program to compete with.

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Jun 03, 2010
Absolutely correct
by: Anonymous

The past couple years it's been like ESPN is just dying to have an SEC champ. OK, we get it, the West Coast doesn't have as many viewers as the East Coast. The NCAA seedings also are unbelievable, too. Alabama's showing underscores that point. It's like the NCAA is try to accede to ESPN's desire to have an NCAA champ from the SEC by trying to stack the field ... and it still doesn't work.

SEC is playing good softball. Just not as good.

Mar 31, 2011
2011, rankings
by: Anonymous

#ESPN.COM/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25#
ESPN.COM/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25
(Records through March 28, 2011)
TEAM PTS 1. ALABAMA (19) (33-2) 498
2. GEORGIA (27-4) 469
3. MICHIGAN (1) (31-2) 466
4. ARIZONA ST (33-2) 431
5. FLORIDA (30-4) 417
6. WASHINGTON (25-2) 398
7. ARIZONA (29-6) 355
8. CALIFORNIA (21-3) 345
9. TEXAS (28-3) 342
10. TENNESSEE (27-5) 328
11. MISSOURI (26-3) 291
12. STANFORD (23-4) 276
13. UCLA (21-5) 259
14. OKLAHOMA (27-9) 243
15. OREGON (28-4) 225
16. NEBRASKA (27-4) 200
17. BAYLOR (27-5) 197
18. OKLAHOMA ST (28-7) 150
19. UL LAFAYETTE (27-5) 129
20. TEXAS A&M (28-8) 118 21. AUBURN (28-5) 72
22. TEXAS TECH (35-3) 71
23. KENTUCKY (22-7) 70
24. GEORGIA TECH (8-4) 53 NR
25. HAWAII (25-9)

Mar 31, 2011
I agree with Anonymous
by: JMK

ESPN (along with CBS), just loves the SEC.

They seem to always downplay the the PAC 10's success especially when they defeat the SEC.

Why are the top three teams from the SEC?

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