SEC needs to come north to play more than they do now

(Byron, GA)

Even with the Big Ten teams usually having to come south for bowl games, the Big 10 has the better head to head bowl record. I think it's 91 to 86 and I forget how many tie games.

If SEC teams had to come north as often as Big 10 teams go south, I think the Big 10 would be the better conference by a slight margin.

The problem with some SEC fans is they give their mediocre teams too much credit. Just because LSU and UGA are having a good year does not necessarily mean Auburn and Tennessee are great teams in that same season. But, because they are SEC teams they get the benefit of the doubt year in and year out.

I do think the SEC is the strongest conference in 2007, but not by much. The Big 12 is just slightly behind and the Big 10 is not nearly as bad as some have said.

Face it, we need more head to head games between all the big conferences and we need a good playoff system. If we could track these things for a period of years, then we could see better how strong each conference really was.

I get tired of some SEC fans talking like they are and always have been absolutely dominant over the Big Ten and the numbers simply do not back dominance up.

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