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SEC Keychains

Looking for a keychain for your favorite SEC school? What better way to show pride in your alma mater or the college team you root for than having a memento of them close by, nearly all the time. You've got to carry a keychain, so why not make it a cool one that you love.

So we've found a great source for SEC keychains (and other NCAA schools as well). The name of the company is Wholesale Keychains and they definitely know how to do Keychains. If you go there and click on the link for NCAA/College Keychain, you'll find your favorite school. And, best of all, if you enter the promotional code: secsportsfan when you order from them, you get 10% off. Also, for the first three requests, you can get a free SEC Team Keychain!!. For details about that go to free SEC team keychain giveaway.

OK, so what's so great about these keychains? Easy. It's all about quality and selection. I own and every day use one of their keychains (the Tennessee one) and it's a perfect keychain. I love the orange "T" with the coal black background which is hard to find anywhere else. But, you'll notice Wholesale Keychain (WK) has so many different colors and styles to select from. I got a Florida Gators keychain from WK for a friend of mine. It's a keychain that doubles as a bottle cap opener. How cool! They also have ones with a leather backing that looks really classy. Oh, and they have team-logo moneyclips as well.

All of the college team keychains from WK have an officially licensed team logo. They are really striking appearance-wise and made from top-of-the-line materials. You know this is true because Wholesale Keychain backs up their products with a lifetime warranty.

Anyway, check out the pictures below to find the one you want. And don't forget to use the 10% off code: secsportsfan when you order -- and/or enter our free keychain giveaway.

Alabama Crimson Tide Keychains:

Alabama Crimson Tide Leather Keychains Alabama Crimson Tide Chrome Keychains Alabama Crimson Tide Bottle Opener Keychains

Arkansas Razorbacks Keychains:

Arkansas Razorbacks Metal Oval Keychains Arkansas Razorbacks Leather Keychains Arkansas Razorbacks Pewter Keychains

Auburn Tigers Keychains:

Auburn Tigers Bottle Opener Keychains Auburn Tigers Pewter Keychains Auburn Tigers Metal Oval Keychains

Florida Gators Keychains:

Florida Gators bottle opener keychains Florida Gators leather keychains Florida Gators pewter keychains

Georgia Bulldogs Keychains:

Georgia Bulldogs bottle opener keychains Georgia Bulldogs pewter keychains Georgia Bulldogs moneyclip keychains

Kentucky Wildcats Keychains:

Kentucky Wildcats pewter keychains Kentucky Wildcats moneyclip keychains Kentucky Wildcats bottle opener keychains

LSU Tigers Keychains:

LSU Tigers pewter keychains LSU Tigers chrome circle keychains LSU Tigers metal oval keychains

Mississippi State Keychains:

Mississippi State leather keychains Mississippi State pewter keychains Mississippi State chrome circle keychains

Ole Miss Rebels Keychains:

Ole Miss Rebels pewter keychains Ole Miss Rebels chrome circle keychains Ole Miss Rebels bottle opener keychains

South Carolina Keychains:

South Carolina pewter keychains South Carolina chrome circle keychains South Carolina bottle opener keychains

Tennessee Volunteers Keychains:

Tennessee Volunteers chrome circle keychains Tennessee Volunteers pewter keychains Tennessee Volunteers moneyclip keychains

For other SEC Fan Merchandise go from SEC Keychains to SEC Fan Store.

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