SEC Is over rated -- Look out for Big 12 in 2008!

by Andrew

To all SEC fans. Stop bragging about your conference. Your bowl wins were over crappy teams. Here is a little information you might not know. The SEC commissioner is also the Bowl selection commissioner (that’s what we call shady). That’s why all of your Bowl games were favorable match ups- so your over rated conference can pad its stats.

Lets see, Kentucky gets a Florida state team with 35 suspended players and barley wins.

Florida plays a spread offense and Michigan has problems defending the spread (App.St and Oregon). FLORIDA STILL GOT BEAT! The only reason it wasn’t a blow out was Mike Hart fumbled 2 times on the goal line.

Georgia got Hawaii. Enough said.

Over recent years you conference has been ok, but you people need to open your eyes. As it states on this website the SEC and Pac-10 are 10-9 over the last ten years. That’s pretty freakin equal. There is a lot of great football being played in other places then the South.

Lets take a look at some recent Pac-10 - SEC events.
Last year USC drops 60 on Arkansas. Arkansas then rolls off 10 straight wins in the SEC. The year before USC dropped 72 on that team. In 2003, 2004 they beat Auburn back to back. In 2004 LSU played Oregon State and got out played big time. The only reason LSU won was the Oregon state kicker missed 3 extra points and a chip shot field goal. That kicker is now in the NFL.

I’m running out of room, so let me sum this up.
You need to stop gloating about your conference. It’s good but not that good. The Pac-10 may not be the best conference but it is the most volatile. It’s very hard to run the table in the Pac-10. These team spread you out and if there on…your in trouble.

The conference that will probably be the toughest next year in the Big-12. A lot of returning players and OK, TX, KU, and Missouri will all be great. The SEC will not be very good next year aside from The bulldogs and the Tigers. Most teams will loose there talent and will be starting freshmen.

One more thing...if the SEC didn’t steal the great high school players from the state of Texas and California the conference would be terrible.

Lay off the Big-10 too. They play good football.

Editor's Note: Andrew -- the SEC Commish. did not pick the bowl teams by himself and, besides, the Florida State suspensions did not come out until well after they had already been picked to play KY in the Music City Bowl.

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Jan 10, 2009
Nice Call
by: Anonymous

Good call - SEC 2 Big 12 0. Massively overrated Texas Tech loses to a 500 middle of the road SEC TEXAS. OK State - loses to the Ducks. The "emergence" of these 2 teams was the baseline for the Big 12 argument, but now that the season is over, it's the same conference it's been for 15 years - Oklahoma and Texas, who get to the big games by playing high school defenses all year. Once they leave their safe house (in conference games), they get owned. Argument over.

Dec 04, 2009
Your a dufus
by: Anonymous

Because of you i am starting to think big 12 universities are stupid. You are ******. SEC dominates what are you going to do about it.

Feb 05, 2011
To add to you note
by: Daubs

It's well known that for a few years now the SEC plays a cake bowl schedule compared to the Big Ten. Since 2002 the Big Ten has been the underdog in 63% of their bowl games!! That almost seems fair. In the same time frame the Big Ten has a 77% win percentage when they are favored. That is better than any other conference.

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