SEC is not dominant

You are not on the right track dude. It doesn't matter how many wins you have, it matters how often you pull out wins over losses.

For instance, a dominant team wins at least 90 percent of their games in a college football season. If a team wins 55 percent of their games they would be considered average to very slightly above average.

Face it, the SEC has not been the top bowl contender by percentage in the past SIX YEARS. Every other major conference has at least one of those years. SEC is on it's way down thank god.

I won't have to listen to ESPN's drivel about how they are good. Big 12 will blow SEC out of the water this year.

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Nov 06, 2008
by: Anonymous

Let me just say that you are right when you claim the SEC is not dominant. There are a number of reasons for this which I'll not get into. What I do want to get into is your incorrect information and your faulty reasoning.

First of all, the top bowl "contender by percentage" over the last 6 years:

2002 Sun Belt
2003 MAC
2004 Mountain West
2005 Big 12/ACC
2006 Big East
2007 Sun Belt

First of all, you'll notice that your contention that all major conference led in this is incorrect. The PAC-10, Big Ten and SEC are all missing.

As for faulty reasoning, using this assumption that we are getting information that tells us who's a good conference where, we'd have to assume that the Sun Belt has been one of the best conferences over the last 6 years. This, of course, is a little silly. Because you have the best percentage, does not mean you've had the best bowl season. Of the above listed teams, I'd say the only one that had the best bowl season in their respective years was the Big 12 in 2005, building a 5-3 record against teams that included 6 ranked teams.

As for conferences that had the best bowl season during these years, the SEC can not be excluded from that list. In 2007, the SEC has 7 teams win their bowls (something that's unprecedented) including 4 wins over ranked teams with their 9 opponents winning over 75% of their games prior to the bowl season. That's way more impressive than any other conference out there including the two conferences with better bowl winning percentages the Sun Belt and the Mountain West.

The Sun Belt beat an unranked mid-major, while the MWC didn't play a single ranked teams and only beat one major conference team. The contention that either bowl season was better than what the SEC accomplished is silly.

Editor's Note: Thanks Jeff; hoping someone would do this for me. Thanks again.


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