SEC History Lesson

by Football fan
(South Carolina)


2010 (18). 2005 (18)
2009 (17). 2001 (17)
2008 (16). 1997 (16)
2007 (15). 1995 (15)
2006 (14). 1994 (14)
2004 (13). 1990 (13)
1998 (12). 1985 (12)
1996 (11). 1975 (11)
1992 (10). 1971 (10)


Alabama (8) (9)? Oklahoma (7)
LSU. (3) (4)? Nebraska. (5)
Florida. (3). Texas. (4)
Tenn. (2). Colorado. (1)
Georgia. (1). Aggies (1)
Auburn. (1)
___________. _____________
(18). (18)
+ 1
Hands down the SEC is what is happening now but have a little respect toward other conferences. You didn't hear other conferences talk smack when the SEC was nowhere to be found especially the Miami, Penn ST, Florida ST, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and USC teams ruled the NCAA. Alabama was/carried the SEC on its back while the rest was nothing, LSU and Florida Gators resurrected your conference. The BCS has been kind to the SEC since former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer invented this flawed system in 1998.

I understand that you've been the closet for so long and want the world to see your conference. Yes, you are not the best conference from top to bottom, please get off that myth. Also I left a little history up top for you SEC fans to think about. If you were so great a conference then why did it take you so long to catch up with the Big XII far ad National Titles.

When I walk in sports stores and see football banners, you have Alabama actually claiming 13 national titles when the NCAA only recognizes 8 national titles. Even some SEC teams laugh at Alabama. Doesn't Texas have a winning record over SEC teams especially mighty Alabama?

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