SEC Has Home field advantage in bowl games

I acknowledge that the SEC is the strongest conference in college football. However, we have no idea how big of a margin it is.

How many bcs bowl games have SEC teams won in the Sugar Bowl? LSU has never won a BCS game outside of the Superdome. Florida has only 1 BCS victory outside of the Sugar Bowl or the Orange Bowl, a stadium in their home state. Same for Georgia. Alabama did win in the Rose Bowl.

On a side note, USC is very successful in BCS long as they are playing in the Rose Bowl. My point is that the SEC wins--a lot--in BCS games. How much of that is due to where the game is played?

PS-Teams from the Big Ten, the SEC fans' frequent targets, never get to play in their home stadium or state for a bowl game. However, Ohio State has a strong reputation for traveling well (probably why they have played more BCS games than anyone). They are 6-3 in BCS games, probably due to having more fans in the seats than the opposition most of the time, aka a "home field advantage" of sorts.

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Jan 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

sure would be nice to set up some bowls in the northern states.

i think it has a lot to do with weather and $. Most people would rather go south in the dead of winter, = mo-money. College football is a business.

but then look at the pros, they play north all season and that doen't stop fan #'s, so maybe i'm wrong.

But yes, it sure would make the games more equal if sec played in big ten country sometimes.

Jan 08, 2011
Home Field Advantage?
by: Just Curious

There is no doubt the SEC has many strong teams and great players. However, most all of these bowl games are played at "neutral home sites" in this area. While the past record is impressive against all opponents, what is the road record during the regular season against any opponent of note?

This seems to have been conveniently overlooked in the analysis of the content posted on this page.

By the way, how come Alabama looked like the best team in the country during this bowl season, yet somehow managed to lose 3 games?

Jan 19, 2011
Miami and FSU too
by: Anonymous

It's not just the SEC and USC. Miami and FSU have won most of their national titles in what are basically homes games at the Orange Bowl.

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