SEC Has Best Depth

by Jon. B. (Arkansas Fan)

The SEC has the best depth out of all of the conferences right now in the sport of football, and they are no slouches in baseball and basketball either. Since football is the sport of choice in America for the most part, the SEC is probably the most well known conference in the nation. Winning the last 4 National Titles, as well as having the number 1 ranked team this season playing for a fifth title, makes the SEC the undisputed king of the NCAA Football world right now. In fact, the SEC could probably lose the National Championship this year and still be viewed as the best conference until some other conference could put together 3-4 Championships in a row.

I will give the Big Ten credit for upgrading to twelve teams by adding Nebraska, and they should have a bit more depth with Ohio State, Michigan (anyone that doesn't think Michigan will come back into its own is fooling themselves), Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Also, Michigan State and Penn State have shown signs of life, so it is possible that the Top 6 schools in the Big Ten could start to rival the top teams in the SEC. That, however, will remain a long shot with Head Coaches such as Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino, and Les Miles roaming the sidelines.

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