SEC Football -- Spring Practice Starts Soon!

by Kavin Caruso

The SEC is one of the toughest football conference. There are 12 teams, 10 of them have more bowl wins than the other 2. Those other two are Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt has been the doormat of the SEC for a long time. They are known to have higher academic standards. Kentucky on the other hand is tough in basketball. It's a basketball state, so football recruiting is not as heavy as it would in Auburn.

The SEC gets a lot more attention than Conference USA. Teams like Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida,and Auburn will play to WIN! Its their goal to win a championship every year. Some schools in the country tries to win a conference title and get bowl win. NOT Georgia, THEY WANT TO RECRUIT 5STARS and WIN IT ALL! I know it doesn't happen, but this is the SEC! WINNING IS THE ONLY THING that makes each school a success.

About 80 percent of the time, a SEC team will represent the national championship game. The last 4 yrs, that has happened. It will only get better. I am a Georgia Bulldogs fan, and I've been waiting a loooong time for a national championship. This 2011 season will be here before you know it. Spring practice will start in the next few weeks. I can't wait.


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